BWCA Lake and Stream Directory

Note: This is a directory of lakes, rivers and streams in the BWCA that have a dedicated page on this website. Pages are created for each lake as content (video, photos, narrative, etc.) becomes available. Lake, river and creek names shown in parentheses [i.e., (Thelma) Creek] are not official names. Lakes in the BWCA Primitive Management Areas are not shown here and have their own directory (see BWCA PMA Lakes).

BWCA Lakes and Streams Sorted Alphabetically

Abinodji Lake
Ada Creek
Ada Lake
Adventure Lake
Ahsub Lake
Angleworm Lake

Baker Lake
Bat Lake
Big Lake
Bog Lake
Boot Lake
Brant Lake
Bridge Lake
Brule Lake
Bruin Lake
Burnt Lake

Cam Lake
Cattyman Lake
Cherokee Creek
Cherokee Lake
Contest Lake
Copper Lake
Crooked Lake
Cross Bay Lake
Cross River

Disappointment Lake

Eagle Lake
Edith Lake

Fall Lake
Flying Lake
Fourtown Lake

Gasket Lake
Gibson Lake
Gillis Lake
Gotter Lake
Green Lake

Ham Lake
Haven Lake
Hog Creek
Home Lake
Homer Lake
Howl Lake
Hubbub Lake

Ima Lake
Isabella Lake
Island River

Jack Lake
Jitterbug Lake
Jordan Lake

Kawasachong Lake
Kawishiwi Lake
Kawishiwi River between Kawishiwi Lake and Square Lake
Kawishiwi River between Square Lake and Kawasachong Lake
Kawishiwi River between Polly Lake and Koma Lake
Kawishiwi River between Koma Lake and Malberg Lake
Kawishiwi River between Malberg Lake and River Lake
Kelly Lake
Koma Lake

Lake One
Lake Four
Lake Three
Lake Two
Little Gabbro Lake
Little Isabella River

Malberg Lake
Missing Link Lake
Moose Lake
(Moosecamp) Creek
Mudro Lake

Nickel Creek
North Branch Cascade River
North Hegman Lake
North Kawishiwi River

Ojibway Lake
Owl Lake

Parent Lake
Polly Lake


Rib Lake
Rifle Lake
River Lake
Round Lake

Sawbill Lake
Shrike Lake
Skoop Lake
Smoke Lake
Snake River
Snipe Lake
Snowbank Lake
South Hegman Lake
South Kawishiwi River
South Temperance Lake
Square Lake
Stuart Lake
Stuart River
Swamp Creek
Swing Lake

Temperance River
(Thelma) Creek
Thelma Lake
Town Lake
Townline Lake
Trease Lake
Tuscarora Lake

U - Z
Vern River
Vesper Lake
Weird Lake
West Round Lake
Whale Creek
Wish Lake
Whale Lake
Wood Lake
Zoo Lake

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PMA #2: Canthook PMA #5: Spider PMA #8: Mugwump PMA #11: Weasel
PMA #3: Sundial PMA #6: Drag PMA #9: Humpback PMA #12: Fungus
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