Missing Link Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Missing Link Lake #51 Fishing: MN DNR; Brook Trout
Maps: Fisher F-12; McKenzie #7 Lake Depth: MN DNR; 25 feet
Fire History:
Lake Size: 37 acres
Campsites: 3 (3 visited)
Campsite 1, Campsite 2, Campsite 3
Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Last Visited: July 23, 2016;
Previous Visits: October 10, 2015
Lake Elevation: 1675 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR

Routes from Missing Link Lake:
To Round Lake: Walk the 142 rod portage
To Tuscarora Lake: Walk the 426 rod portage
To Mavis Lake: Bushwhack about 45 rods
To Snipe Lake: Walk the 160 rod portage

Missing Link Lake

Gunflint Ranger District

There are three portages into Missing Link Lake. From Round Lake, a 142 rod portage ends at the edge of the northwest bay of Missing Link Lake. Another portage from Missing Link Lake are found in the northeast bay. This is the 160 rod portage to Snipe Lake. There does not seem to be a maintained portage anymore to Mavis Lake (However, a recent storm did cause a lot of blowdown so it is possible it was just overlooked because of this). Looks like getting there will now require a bushwhack.

There are three campsites on Missing Link Lake, but they can fill up fast. This is because of the lakes close proximity to the entry point and also because of the campers who are there to fish for the lakes brookies. The campsite on the point is probably the best with wide views of the lake, while also offering some cross breezes to keep the bugs at bay.

Missing Link Lake has been stocked with brook trout since at least the 1990's. Since 2005, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has stocked the lake with around 2,000 brook trout fingerlings per year. Missing Link Lake is only 25 feet deep, but that seems to be sufficient to supply the cool water that brook trout prefer.

Missing Link Lake appears to be landlocked. Because the water doesn't escape the lake through any drainages, it makes it suitable for the Minnesota DNR brook trout stocking program.

Exploring Missing Link Lake

Paddling from Tuscarora Lake Portage to the Round Lake Portage

A canoe leaving the Tuscarora Lake portage landing.

A brief paddle across the 37 acres of Missing Link Lake. You paddle from the Tuscarora Lake portage at the very south end of the lake, up to the northwest bay where the portage to Round Lake can be located.

A view to the south/southeast from the northwest bay of Missing Link Lake. You are standing at the beginning of the portage to Round Lake. This is October in the BWCA.

Paddling from Round Lake Portage to the Snipe Lake Portage

A view to the south/southeast from the northwest bay of Missing Link Lake. You are standing at the beginning of the portage to Round Lake. This is July in the BWCA (contrast with similar photo on this page that was taken in the fall).

This short paddle is from the Round Lake portage to campsite just down the shore to the east. This is the campsite on the north shore of Missing Link Lake.

View toward the south of the prominent southwest point. This is the location of one of the campsites on the lake.

Heading out from the campsite on the north shore of Missing Link Lake, paddle east until you reach the Snipe Lake portage.

Looking toward the east shore of the north bay of Missing Link Lake. The Snipe Lake portage is found somewhere along that far shoreline (probably just a bit right of center).

View of Missing Link Lake from the Snipe Lake portage. There was no trace of a portage to Mavis Lake found at this location. (There was a recent storm just before this visit which may have obscured it.)

Route Connections for Missing Link Lake

From Missing Link Lake, you can portage to Contest Lake, Round Lake, Snipe Lake, Tuscarora Lake and Wish Lake. You can also bushwhack into Mavis Lake.

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