Fourtown Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Mudro Lake #23 Fishing: MN DNR Fish Survey; Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Northern Pike, Bluegill
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #12 Lake Depth: MN DNR Lake Map; 25 feet
Fire History: None in recorded history
Lake Size: 1,902 acres
Campsites: 16 Wildlife Seen on Visit: Whitetail Deer, 30+ Bald Eagles, particularly near the gorge between Fourtown Lake and Mudro Lake
Last Visited: May 2, 2015 Lake Elevation: 1332 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Portages from Fourtown Lake:
To Mudro Lake: Walk the portages of 30 rods, 141 rods and 30 rods. Paddle several sections
To Horse Lake: Walk the 10 rod portage and the 80 rod portage
To Boot Lake: Walk the 48 rod portage
To Alruss Lake: Unmaintained portage accessible from portage between Mudro Lake and Fourtown Lake
To (Moosecamp) Creek: Paddle In

Fourtown Lake

Kawishiwi Ranger District

This lake gets a fair amount of traffic so don't expect to have it to yourself. Saw a large number of bald eagles and a couple of whitetail deer hanging out in an empty campsite. Fourtown Lake flows out to the east into Horse Lake and then the Horse River.

The three portages along the creek in the gorge between Mudro Lake and Fourtown Lake are very rocky. Sections of these portages, particularly the first and last 30 rod portage could be underwater during high water levels. There were many bald eagles here in springtime. There are some lovely views to be had along these portages.

The creek flowing from Moosecamp Lake into the north end of Fourtown Lake is easily navigated in a canoe even in low water. The only issue is the beaver dams. Expect to be lifting your gear over a lot of these structures.

The lake gets its name because it is within the boundary lines of four different Minnesota townships.

Exploring Fourtown Lake

Paddling up the entire eastern shoreline of Fourtown Lake

Fourtown Lake in the BWCA
Preparing to get in your canoe, you look north from the south end of Fourtown Lake, from the start of the first portage leading back to Mudro Lake along Fourtown Creek (View is in spring - May 2015).

Setting off from the south end of the lake by the first of three portages leading to Mudro Lake, you begin paddling north along the eastern shoreline of Fourtown Lake. This is early spring. You pull up on a rock ledge before continuing.

After a brief respite on a rock ledge, you continue the voyage up Fourtown's east shore.

Forging onward, you paddle for another 15 minutes and pull into a small bay near the narrow portion of Fourtown Lake. This is about the middle of the north/south point of the lake.

Fourtown Lake in the Boundary Waters
Peeking out from behind the pines looking toward the west. This is near the narrows around the middle of Fourtown Lake. The small bay you pulled your canoe into is just to the left. (View is in spring - May 2015)

Fourtown Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
The large island that forms the choke point of the narrows near the middle of the north/south point of Fourtown Lake. You are looking toward the west while standing on the eastern shoreline. (View is in spring - May 2015)

Fourtown Lake BWCA
You spot this island just north of the narrow section of the lake along the east shoreline. It is about a quarter of a mile away. (View is in spring - May 2015)

After a short lunch break and some time to stretch your legs, you set out from the small bay near the narrow section of Fourtown Lake and continue north again still staying near the east shore. You have now covered about two-thirds of the south to north length of the lake.

Nearing the final stretch of the long paddle starting from the Mudro Lake portage landing and heading up to the north end of Fourtown Lake.

You reach the north end of Fourtown Lake where the creek flowing from Moosecamp Lake flows in.

BWCA Fourtown Lake
Standing just west of the mouth of the unnamed creek (Moosecamp Creek?) that flows into the north part of Fourtown Lake from Moosecamp Lake. You are looking south down the eastern side of Fourtown Lake. (View is in spring - May 2015)

A paddle down the west shoreline of Fourtown Lake beginning at the Unnamed Creek (that leads up to Moosecamp Lake) down to the bay where the portage to Boot Lake is found

From the mouth of the creek at the north end of Fourtown Lake (this is the creek that flows down from Moosecamp Lake), you paddle into the western bay in the upper part of Fourtown Lake. It is a bit windy, slowing progress. The water is also ice cold, since this is early spring right after ice out.

You finish crossing the northwest bay of Fourtown Lake. You pull up to shore along the point that is due southwest and about two-thirds of a mile across the lake from the creek mouth at the north end of the lake. You are finally out of the wind.

Needing another respite from the cramped canoe, you find a nice, shaded rock shelf to pullout. This is the point just northeast up the shoreline (about three-quarters of a mile) from the Boot Lake portage.

Route Connections for Fourtown Lake

From Fourtown Lake, you can portage to Boot Lake, Horse Lake or Fourtown Creek (which leads to Mudro Lake) over a series of three portages. You can also paddle up (Moosecamp) Creek to Moosecamp Lake. There is also an unmaintained portage between Fourtown Lake and Mudro Lake that leads to Alruss Lake. Alruss Lake is a designated trout lake. It is stocked by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources with brook trout.

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