Hook Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Slim Lake #6 Fishing: MN DNR; Northern Pike
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #16 Lake Depth: MN DNR; 13 feet
Fire History: 1822
Lake Size: 82 acres
Campsites: 1 Wildlife Seen on Visit: Loon
Last Visited: August 17, 2019 Lake Elevation: 1490 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR

Routes from Hook Lake:
To Big Rice Lake: Walk the 520 rod portage
To Keneu Lake: Walk the 30 rod portage
To Rice Lake: Walk the 130 rod portage

Hook Lake

LaCroix Ranger District

The lake gets its name from its shape resembling a fishhook.

Heading to Hook Lake quickly gets you off the bustling waters of Slim Lake. The portage to this lake is 130 rods long and many paddlers will be satisfied going no farther than Rice Lake. For the hardy among you, a 520 rod portage leads from Hook Lake out to Big Rice Lake. Keep in mind that Big Rice Lake only has a single campsite, so consider the time of day before making the attempt. Another lightly used portage is found on the south end of Hook Lake. This short portage leads to Keneu Lake. The Keneu Lake portage may be a bit overgrown. Keneu is a dead end lake with one campsite. Hook Lake itself also has one campsite. If planning to camp on any of these three small lakes west of Slim Lake, you may want to get an early start.

(Hook) Creek flows out the north end of Hook Lake and drains into Big Rice Lake located to the west/northwest. Keneu Lake flows into the south end of Hook Lake through a small creek.

Exploring Hook Lake

Paddling from the Rice Lake Portage to the Keneu Lake Portage

The eastern shoreline is lined with lots of large dark colored boulders forming a rubble shoreline.

You are in the southeast corner of the lake near the sharp west/north bend. View is toward the major point justing out toward the northeast from the southwest side of the lake. There is a low rock formation along a good portion of the base of the point easily visible between the water and trees on the point.

Beginning at the Rice Lake portage, paddle southward at first along the east shore of Hook Lake. As you continue south you enter the southern arm of Hook Lake and eventually come to the Keneu Lake portage at the very south tip of the lake.

This behemoth rock is found on the east shore just as you make the left turn heading into the southern most arm of the lake.

Coming up on the very south end of Hook Lake where the portage to Keneu Lake is located. This little bay is very shallow once you get into those weeds and hidden in that water vegetation are some big boulders. So take it slow with the canoe to avoid any unpleasantries.

Paddling from the Keneu Lake Portage to the Big Rice Lake Portage

This is the western bay of Hook Lake looking into the small notch on the north side of the base of the peninsula that extends out into the main lake.

This beaver lodge and rock formation are a short distance directly across the lake from the Big Rice Lake portage.

Paddle north up the south arm of Hook Lake. Upon reaching the mid-lake point, you turn left (west) and work your way to the far end of the west bay of the lake where you find the portage to Big Rice Lake. You may need a breather before tackling that 520 rod portage. You see that the lakes only campsite is already occupied. It is on the left shore (west) at the northern end of the south arm.

Paddling from the Big Rice Lake Portage to the Rice Lake Portage

Starting in the western bay of Hook Lake at the Big Rice Lake portage, paddle east until reaching the Rice Lake portage directly across the lake.

Route Connections for Hook Lake

From Hook Lake, you can portage to Big Rice Lake, Keneu Lake or Rice Lake.

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