BWCA Hiking Trails

Alphabetical List of BWCA Hiking Trails

This is an alphabetical directory of hiking trails in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

A popular trail in the BWCA found along the Echo Trail (a road) heading west of Ely, Minnesota, is the Angleworm Lake Trail. This trail makes a loop around Angleworm Lake and Home Lake.

The Border Route Trail is now part of the North Country National Scenic Trail. The North Country Trail extends from New York to North Dakota. The Border Route Trail is one of two trails in the BWCA that are part of this national trail. The other trail is the Kekekabic Trail. Combined these two trails allow the North Country Trail to traverse the BWCA from McFarland Lake on the east to Snowbank Lake on the west. The Border Route is so named because it parallels the U.S. - Canadian Border. A number of the trails on the list below provide access to either the Border Route Trail or the Kekekabic Trail. These access trails are enjoyable when done as standalone hikes too.

The Eagle Mountain Trail is a hike to the highest point in Minnesota, Eagle Mountain where you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Misquah Hills. This is a busy trail on summer weekends.

The Powwow Trail is a long distance loop trail starting at Isabella Lake in the south central part of the BWCA. This trail was pretty much destroyed by the Pagami Creek Fire in 2011. However, with the dedication of many volunteer hours, this trail is being cleared and rehabilitated. As of 2018, much of the trail is again hikeable.

The Sioux-Hustler Trail is in the western part of the BWCA and is also accessed from the Echo Trail. This is another large loop into a fairly remote part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Angleworm Lake Trail
A 12 mile long loop trail. Located 17 miles west of Ely along the Echo Trail. This is BWCA Entry Point 21 - Angleworm Lake Trail

Benezie-Becoosin Loop Trail
This is a loop trail (1.5 miles) that can be added onto the Snowbank Lake Trail and/or the Kekekabic Trail. Rugged often difficult to follow.

Big Moose Lake Trail
The trail is 2.5 miles one way to Big Moose Lake.

Border Route Trail
A 65 mile long trail that begins at the north terminus of the Superior Hiking Trail on the east and ends at the eastern terminus of the Kekekabic Trail on the west on the Gunflint Trail. Many access trails provide access to the Border Route Trail allowing for a nice assortment of day trips and short weekend hikes for those who don't have time to through hike the trail. The Border Route Trail is now part of the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Brule Lake Trail
A fairly rugged and not frequently traveled 7 mile long trail that connects runs from Brule Lake to a junction with the Eagle Mountain Trail in the BWCA.

Caribou Rock Trail
A 3.9 mile trail that extends from the Gunflint Trail to its junction with the Border Route Trail.

Centennial Trail
This is a 3.3 mile interpretive loop trail. The north side of this loop follows the Kekekabic Trail for about a mile. Trail provides views of historic Paulsen Mine and provides some spectacular views near where the old trestle bridge used to stand.

Crab Lake Trail
A spur trail that provides access to the Border Route Trail. It is 2.4 miles from the parking lot to the junction with the BRT.

Daniels Lake Access Trail
Beginning near Clearwater Lake Lodge, the trail traverses 3 miles before joining up with the Border Route Trail.

Eagle Mountain Trail
A heavily visited trail of 3.5 miles that takes you to the highest point in Minnesota - Eagle Mountain. Eagle Mountain is 2,301 feet high and the highest point for over 500 miles in any direction. This trail also connects to the Brule Lake Trail.

Kekekabic Trail
This is a 38 mile long, very remote and rugged trail that connects the west end of the Border Route Trail (where they meet at the Gunflint Trail - a road) to Snowbank Lake. The Kekekabic Trail also connects to the Snowbank Lake Trail and the Old Pines Trail. The Kekekabic Trail is part of the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Lima Mountain Trail

Magnetic Rock Trail

Moss Lake Trail

Mucker Lake Access Trail (aka Mayhew Lake Access Trail)

Old Pines Trail

Powwow Trail

Sioux-Hustler Trail

Snowbank Lake Trail

South Lake Trail

The Grand Portage
This trail is not in the BWCA, but it is historically significant to the BWCA as it was the portage along the Pigeon River that provided access to the interior lakes from Lake Superior.

Topper Lake Cutoff Trail

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