Weasel Creek
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Nearest Entry Point: Lake One #30 Fishing: Did not fish. Northern Pike likely
Maps: Fisher F-4 or F-31 and McKenzie #18 Creek Depth: At least 5 feet in places
Bushwhack Rating: Piece of Cake (for section between Pagami Creek up to first unnavigable rapids) Creek Length: About 1.1 miles
Campsites: None Wildlife Seen on Visit: Beaver; Moose tracks/droppings
Last Visited: May 17, 2014 Creek Elevation: Headwaters at Weasel Lake creek is 1498 feet; confluence with Pagami Creek about 1470 feet
Water Clarity: N/A Fire History: 2011 and 1894

Weasel Creek

Weasel Lake PMA

Weasel Creek flows out of Weasel Lake. The creek takes a C-shaped path for about a mile before it empties its waters into Pagami Creek.

Traveling along Weasel Creek gives a good contrast between burned forest and the forest that remained unscathed by the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire. This fire began very near to Weasel Creek. The fire never leapt over Weasel Creek.

From its confluence with Pagami Creek, Weasel Creek is quite navigable except for the occasional beaver dam all the way up to the first rapids. Starting at these rapids, there is a long stretch that must be bushwhacked. Satellite images appear to show that the creek becomes canoeable again as you get closer to Weasel Lake. I did not make it all the way to Weasel Lake when I visited the area.

There seems to be a lot of moose activity in this area because tracks and moose tailings were everywhere along the creek starting above the first rapids.

In 1894 a fire affected this area. This fire started somewhere near Gabbro Lake and burned from Gabbro Lake up to Lake One, Lake Two and Lake Three.

Paddling Weasel Creek

Starting at it's confluence with Pagami Creek, you begin paddling up Weasel Creek. You notice that the forest on your right was not burned by the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire. The creek starts out wide and slowly gets narrower as you head upstream. You hit your first small beaver dam about five minutes after you begin. An odd tree trunk, what remains of what was probably a very large tree, makes for a nice photo opportunity. You approach the second beaver dam, this one a little more robust, shortly after the tree trunk.

Weasel Creek in the BWCA Weasel Lake PMA
An interesting tree root formation you pass by along Weasel Creek. You look back downstream as you paddle by. You can see easily that the forest on the left (looking downstream) is unburned, while the forest on the right is completely burned out.

You head for shore to get around another beaver dam. You then continue along up Weasel Creek until you reach the rapids that force a bushwhack. This is still early in the spring, so you are probably experiencing good water levels for this creek.

Weasel Creek in the BWCA
You have hopped two beaver dams on the lower reaches of Weasel Creek. Sometimes, if you get a good run at a dam in your canoe, you can get far enough over it without having to get out; you teeter and lurch your canoe to the other side of the dam . Weasel Creek has more current than Pagami Creek.

You dextrously extract yourself from your canoe and boulder hop across the rapids. You leave the canoe wedged in the rocks at the base of the rapids; you double-check that it is very well secured of course. You then head off along the burned side of the creek to see how far this unnavigable section goes. There are signs of moose evident on the ground in the form of tracks and pellets. Unfortunately this route is more work than you were bargaining for today, so you head back with no plans to go all the way to Weasel Lake; for today anyway.

Weasel Lake PMA in the BWCA
You nosed canoe right up into the rapids dead ahead and carefully stepped out onto the rocks. To the left of the rapids, it is fairly good footing conditions; the side that was burned by the fire. Across the rapids on the right, the forest was not consumed by the fire. Scouted another 300 feet or so upstream above these rapids before turning back. The creek is not navigable for that stretch. There was lots of signs that moose are pretty common in this area.

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