South Hegman Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: South Hegman Lake #77 Fishing: MN DNR Fish Survey; Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #11 Lake Depth: 55 feet
Fire History:
Lake Size: 118 acres
Campsites: 2 Wildlife Seen on Visit: Lots of Waterfowl, Otter
Last Visited: April 29, 2016 Lake Elevation: 1460 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Routes from South Hegman Lake:
To North Hegman Lake: Walk the 5 rod portage
To BWCA Entry Point 77: Walk the 86 rod portage

South Hegman Lake

Kawishiwi Ranger District

South Hegman Lake has two campsites. The only other lake in this area with campsites is over a 146 rod dead end portage on Little Bass Lake to the northeast. Access to Little Bass Lake is only from North Hegman Lake. There are no campsites on North Hegman Lake or Trease Lake.

Most groups visit this area to check out the pictographs on North Hegman Lake. Because of the pictographs, this lake sees a fair amount of day traffic by folks using BWCA day permits. All the lakes in this area are lined by cliffs and rock formations and it is a beautiful area to visit.

Do not think to use this entry point if you are hoping this is an easier route up to Angleworm Lake instead of doing the 716 rod Angleworm Lake portage. This way isn't easier and is in fact quite a bit more laborious.

South Hegman Lake drains out through a small creek in it's southeast bay and it's waters then flow southeast about a half mile into Nels Lake losing 55 feet of elevation in the process.

Exploring South Hegman Lake

Paddling North Along West Shore of South Hegman Lake

South Hegman Lake from entry point landing
Looking northeast up South Hegman Lake from the Entry Point 77 portage landing. This view is in late April.

Taking off from the Entry Point 77 portage, you paddle up the western shoreline of South Hegman Lake to the North Hegman Lake portage.

South end of South Hegman Lake in BWCA
Sunlight hitting the trees that rise over a cloud darkened lake surface. This is a view to the south in the southwest bay of South Hegman Lake.

South Hegman Lake in BWCA
Your looking off to the northeast into the northeastern part of South Hegman Lake. It is late afternoon.

South Hegman Lake from N Hegman portage
South Hegman Lake peering toward the south from the North Hegman Lake portage landing. A small creek flows in to the lake on the right side of your view.

Otter swimming in South Hegman Lake right at the end of the North Hegman Lake portage. May be eating a fish. The otter was pretty engrossed in it's activities and didn't know it was being watched.

South Hegman Lake Boundary Waters Canoe Area
A view of the small creek that is just west of the portage between North Hegman Lake and South Hegman Lake. South Hegman Lake flows into North Hegman Lake.

Paddling South Along West Shore of South Hegman Lake

A short paddle in the early evening from the North Hegman Lake portage south along west shoreline of South Hegman Lake.

Route Connections for South Hegman Lake

From South Hegman Lake, you can portage to North Hegman Lake or to the Entry Point 77 parking lot.

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