Bog Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Bog Lake #67 Fishing: MN DNR; Northern Pike, Walleye
Maps: F-4; McKenzie #19 Lake Depth: MN DNR; 16 feet
Fire History: 2011
Lake Size: 259 acres
Campsites: 3 (all in the burned area) Wildlife Seen on Visit: Loons
Last Visited: July 10, 2016 Lake Elevation: 1554 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR

Routes from Bog Lake:
To Entry Point 67: Walk the 250 rod portage

Bog Lake

Tofte Ranger District

Bog Lake is a fairly shallow lake located south of the Isabella River. The lake is a bit of a loner as the only access to it is directly from BWCA Entry Point 67. There are no other routes from Bog Lake. Bog Lake is a good place to visit on a BWCA day permit or for those looking for a quick weekend trip. All three campsites on the lake were unfornately in the area affected by the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire.

While Bog Lake has its own entry point, getting from that entry point to the lake is not particularly easy. The portage from the parking lot is 250 rods and it is a rough bit of business.

Bog Lake receives water from Brush Creek which flows into the southeast part of the lake. Brush Creek is a short stream and originates at Brush Lake. Bog Lake itself flows out through a small creek to the west which has its mouth at Mitawan Creek about a mile downstream. Mitawan Creek eventually reaches Mitawan Lake not far to the northwest of the small town of Isabella on Minnesota Highway 1.

The lake supports the usual populations of northern pike and walleye. It's name likely comes from the marsh and bogs that surround the lake.

Exploring Bog Lake

Bog Lake in the BWCA
This is the south end of Bog Lake from the portage. To the right, in the far distance, you can see the north shoreline of Bog Lake that was burned by the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire.

Bog Lake in the BWCA
A view of the south end of Bog Lake.

Bog Lake in the BWCA
A look northward across Bog Lake. You are standing at the lakes only portage which leads back to the entry point parking lot.

Panning view of the Bog Lake from the south part of the lake. Seen while standing at the entry point portage.

Route Connections for Bog Lake

None. You can only return to BWCA Entry Point 67.

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