Sedative Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Snowbank Lake #27 Fishing: Lake has northern pike. Fish finder detected fish too.
Maps: Fisher F-11 and McKenzie #8, #9 Lake Depth: 27 feet; MN DNR Lake Map
Bushwhack Rating: Piece of Cake Lake Size: 85 acres
Campsites: One Wildlife Seen on Visit: Beaver
Last Visited: August 2, 2014 Lake Elevation: 1510 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Fire History: No fires in recorded history

Sedative Lake

Spider Lake PMA

You reach Sedative Lake by portaging around or through the small rapids below the beaver dam where the creek flows out of the lake. This lake is large for a PMA body of water and the depth is sufficient to seemingly provide descent habitat for fish. My fish finder which I also use to measure lake depth picked up quite a few fish, many displaying good size. The lake is divided into an upper and lower half by a shallow, narrow channel that was filled with lily pads. The best fishing seemed to be indicated in the northern half of the lake. There was a large beaver lodge on the right side of the channel as you paddle toward the upper portion of the lake.

There is a single campsite on the northern half of the lake on the obvious point. Unusual for a PMA lake, this campsite still contained the fire grate.

There are two survey benchmarks established on Sedative Lake. Benchmark #1 is a spike embedded in a 20 inch diameter white pine tree, 5 feet from the edge of the lake, on a small point on the southwest shore of the large northeastern part of the lake (around the corner and north up the shore from the campsite). This benchmark is 5.5 feet above the water survey elevation (WSE) level. Benchmark #2 is implanted at the top of a large, sharp-pointed boulder in the water, about three feet from the shoreline. It is at the end of the obvious point on the northwest side of the channel that connects the upper and lower halves of the lake. The WSE is 3.6 feet below the benchmark #2 marker (at least it was when these benchmarks were placed). These benchmarks have been here since September 7, 1972.

Approach to Sedative Lake

The entire approach to Sedative Lake is first through Reflection Lake and then up the creek that connects the two lakes.

Bushwhack to Sedative Lake

Your following the fairly good trail along the creek up to Sedative Lake.

Creek between Sedative Lake and Reflection Lake in the Spider Lake PMA in BWCA
This is the pretty little creek your standing next too that flows out of Sedative Lake; Sedative Creek. The creek is shallow enough for you to walk in, with a rocky bottom until it flows into the "grotto" about 200 feet downstream from the Sedative Lake beaver dam. At that point, the creek flows through a peat bog all the way to Reflection Lake.

Your view while standing in the creek just below the beaver dam over which the creek flows from Sedative Lake. Beaver dam is huge, maybe four to five feet high.

Exploring Sedative Lake

Sedative Lake where the lake narrows separating the upper and lower halves of the lake. You can see this section is shallow, choked with lily pads and patrolled by beavers.

You see this old campsite on the north point in upper Sedative Lake as you paddle just off shore.

You are walking around the campsite along the north shore of upper part of Sedative Lake. You can even see a fire grate here.

Sedative Lake in the BWCA Spider Lake PMA
This is the north end of Sedative Lake as you see it after coming around the point where you saw the campsite. This is the deepest and most open part of the lake.

View of the north shoreline of the northern most part of Sedative Lake.

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