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Nearest Entry Point: Lake One #30 Fishing: MN DNR Fish Survey; Northern Pike, Bluegill, Rock Bass, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass
Maps: Fisher F-4, F-10, F-31 Special; McKenzie #18 Lake Depth: MN DNR Lake Map; 57 feet
Fire History: 2011 and 1894
Lake Size: 814 acres
Campsites: 11 Wildlife Seen on Visit: Bald Eagles
Last Visited: July 3, 2015 Lake Elevation: 1467 feet (raised by dam)
Water Clarity: MN DNR Routes from Lake One:
To Kawishiwi River (downstream): Walk the 20 rod portage
To Lake Two: Walk the 27 rod portage and the 38 rod portage
To Confusion Lake: Walk the 44 rod portage
To Climax Lake: A creek 1 3/4th miles long connects Lake One to Climax Lake.
To Pagami Creek: Paddle In
To Carefree Lake: Bushwhack for about 80 rods

Lake One

Kawishiwi Ranger District

You won't find solitude on this lake. Lake One has the second highest entry quota after Moose Lake.

This lake is a reservoir of the Kawishiwi River as a result of two dams that control water into and out of the lake. These are the Lake No.1 Dam and Lake No. 2 Dam.

The lake is not known for particularly good fishing, but it does contain walleye and northern pike. It receives quite a bit of fishing pressure. Try fishing where the water is moving (i.e., below the dams).

The Kawishiwi Lodge is on the north end of the lake and you will paddle right by it when heading into Lake One from Entry Point 30.

Lake One is a confusing lake for many paddlers. See the Entry Point 30 web page on this site for a discussion of what makes this lake so easy for visitors to get turned around on.

If you are looking to quickly find some solitude, try paddling up Pagami Creek on the western end of Lake One. This is a long, easily navigable creek (assuming water levels aren't very low), that leads back into the Weasel Lake Primitive Management Area. There is a good chance of seeing some wildlife back in this area. Pagami Lake is definitely worth a visit and lies about two miles up the creek. Note, that you cannot camp within a Primitive Management Area unless you have a secondary permit. These permits are free and can be requested from the forest ranger when you pick up your regular permit. Pagami Creek and Pagami Lake make a good day trip from a Lake One base camp.

Only the very south shore of Lake One was impacted by the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire.

Exploring Lake One

Beginning just offshore from the Lake One entry point landing, you head off into the BWCA toward the channel that leads to the larger part of the lake. This is actually the Kawishiwi River (where the entry point is located), but typically called the Lake One entry point. The narrow channel can be somewhat hard to find.

Continuing to paddle toward the narrows leading to the main part of Lake One. Near the end of this stretch, it lies dead ahead of the bow of the canoe. It is difficult to see and find and many paddlers spend a good deal of time trying to find it.

You now enter the narrows, paddling upstream, that separates the upper part of Lake One where the entry point is, from the main part of the lake. The Kawishiwi Lodge is at the end of the narrows on the left just as you enter the main lake. There can be a little bit of current through this section.

Kawishiwi Lodge on Lake One
Just as you exit the narrow channel coming from Entry Point 30, to your left are the legions of canoes stacked and ready to go at the Kawishiwi Lodge.

Lake One in the BWCA
Paddling maybe a half mile south from Kawishiwi Lodge, you see the lake open up in the distance, just beyond the little choke point you see ahead.

The lake eventually widens up. Soon you are paddling past several small islands. You start seeing some of the first campsites since leaving the Lake One entry point.

Lake One BWCA
Taking a break along Lake One. You are just south of the long north channel on the west shoreline.

Eventually, you turn your canoe toward toward the east. After heading east, you stay toward the north side of the lake generally making for the Lake Two portage. The Lake Two portage is most easily steered for by looking for the location on the far shoreline of the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire line. The forest fire did not jump the rapids that separate Lake One and Lake Two, so the portage is where the burnt area ends and the unburnt area begins.

You finally reach the Lake Two portage. As you can now see, the portage landing is near the location of the Pagami Creek fires burn line. You hold up just off shore to wait for a group to clear the portage.

Lake One Boundary Waters
There were massive forest fires up in Canada and the smoke from those fires was leaving a prominent haze in the atmosphere over the BWCA. Here you are looking out at Lake One from the start of the first of two portages leading to Lake Two.

Route Connections for Lake One

From Lake One, you can portage to Confusion Lake, Lake Two or the Kawishiwi River. You can also bushwhack into Carefree Lake or paddle into Pagami Creek (both within the Weasel Lake Primitive Management Area). Lake One also provides access to the BWCA for Entry Point 30 - Lake One.

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