Rice Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Slim Lake #6 Fishing: Unknown. Note: The Minnesota DNR has Rice Lake listed as Little Rice Lake. It has Keneu Lake listed as Rice Lake.
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #16 Lake Depth: MN DNR; <10 feet
Fire History: 1822
Lake Size: 110 acres
Campsites: 1 Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Last Visited: August 17, 2019 Lake Elevation: 1478 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR

Routes from Rice Lake:
To Hook Lake: Walk the 130 rod portage
To Slim Lake: Walk the 52 rod portage

Rice Lake

LaCroix Ranger District

This lake was once known as Little Rice Lake. Nearby Keneu Lake was called Rice Lake.

Rice Lake is shallow. The water is colored a murky light green. There are no obvious outlets from Rice Lake; seems to be mostly landlocked. There is one campsite on the east shoreline just north of the point visible from the Slim Lake portage. There is a prominent boulder visible from much of the lake along the western shore, just east of the Hook Lake portage (could be useful for navigating). A small island made entirely of rock is in the south end of the lake.

Exploring Rice Lake

Paddling from the Slim Lake Portage to the Hook Lake Portage

A look at the shoreline in the northeast corner of Rice Lake. This is just north of the campsite that is on the east side of the lake.

North shoreline of Rice Lake. This is right by the island that is in the north part of the lake.

Boulders dotting the surface of the lake between the island (on the left) and the north shoreline (out of view to the right).

A counterclockwise paddle around Rice Lake from the Slim Lake portage to the Hook Lake portage. You generally follow the east shore of the lake passing by the lakes only campsite. Along the north shore you pass through a boulder field in the water that occupies the area between the lakes small island and the shoreline. Continuing along you pass by the large boulder on the northwest point that is visible from much of the lake. Shortly thereafter you arrive at the Hook Lake portage on the lakes west side.

A prominent boulder that you can see from almost anywhere on the lake. Your view is to the south and the portage to Hook Lake is around that boulder to the right and a few hundred feet more down the shoreline.

Paddling from the Hook Lake Portage to the Slim Lake Portage

Looking at the shoreline just south of the Hook Lake portage on the west shore of Rice Lake..

This interesting rock island is in the southwest corner of Rice Lake. The shoreline (just behind you in this view) is made up of stunted trees and muskeg.

From the Hook Lake portage, paddle counterclockwise around the shoreline of Rice Lake until reaching the Slim Lake portage. This route takes you down the west shore, along the south shore and then back up the eastern shoreline of the lake.

A glimpse of the southeastern corner of Rice Lake.

Route Connections for Rice Lake

From Rice Lake you can portage to Hook Lake or Slim Lake.

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