Primative Management Areas

Table of Creeks and Rivers in the BWCA PMA's

Table of all named BWCA PMA Creeks and Rivers showing length, drop, location of headwaters and location of mouth.

Arrow Creek Creek 4.5 H=1618; M=1512 UNK FUNGUS LAKE PMA
Beartrap River River 7.0 H=1354; M=1217 UNK SUNDIAL LAKE PMA
Bezhik Creek Creek 6.5 H=1470; M=1345 UNK CANTHOOK LAKE PMA
Bunggee Creek Creek 2.2 H=1355; M=1246 UNK SUNDIAL LAKE PMA
Drumstick Creek Creek 10.0 H=1570; M=1498 >5 DRAG LAKE PMA
Ferne Creek Creek 4.3 H=1655; M=1580 UNK FUNGUS LAKE PMA
Hag Creek Creek 2.6 H=1350; M=1238 UNK WEENY LAKE PMA
Hope Creek Creek 2.5 H=1581; M=1512 >6 FUNGUS LAKE PMA
Hustler River River 3.0 H=1316; M=1226 UNK WEENY LAKE PMA
Maniwaki Creek Creek 5.5 H=1672; M=1581 UNK FUNGUS LAKE PMA
Pagami Creek Creek 1.5 H=1505; M=1467 >5 WEASEL LAKE PMA
Powwow Creek Creek 2.5 H=1604; M=1551 UNK FUNGUS LAKE PMA
Range Line Creek Creek 0.9 H=1322; M=1278 UNK WEENY LAKE PMA
Record Creek Creek 2.0 H=1550; M=1540 UNK FUNGUS LAKE PMA
Sinneeg Creek Creek 3.2 H=1309; M=1246 UNK SUNDIAL LAKE PMA
Spring Creek Creek 8.8 H=1435; M=1270 UNK SUNDIAL LAKE PMA
Sterling Creek Creek 3.8 H=1430; M=1250 UNK SUNDIAL LAKE PMA
Triumph Creek Creek 2.1 H=1429; M=1389 UNK CANTHOOK LAKE PMA
Weasel Creek Creek 1.1 H=1498; M=1470 >5 WEASEL LAKE PMA

Lakes with ?? after their acreage have intermittent water levels
UNK = Unknown Depth
Creek in a BWCA PMA

PMA #1: Weeny PMA #4: Tick PMA #7: Pitfall PMA #10: Hairy
PMA #2: Canthook PMA #5: Spider PMA #8: Mugwump PMA #11: Weasel
PMA #3: Sundial PMA #6: Drag PMA #9: Humpback PMA #12: Fungus
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