Crooked Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Missing Link Lake #51 or Brant Lake #52 Fishing: MN DNR; Lake Trout, Northern Pike
Maps: Fisher F-12; McKenzie #7 Lake Depth: MN DNR; 66 feet
Fire History: 2006 Cavity Lake Fire; 1875 and 1864
Lake Size: 233 acres
Campsites: 5 Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Last Visited: October 10, 2015 Lake Elevation: 1637 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR

Routes from Crooked Lake:
To Gillis Lake: Walk the 90 rod portage
To Owl Lake: Walk the 55 rod portage
To Tarry Lake: Walk the 50 rod portage

Crooked Lake

Gunflint Ranger District

Crooked Lake provides access to three other routes to nearby lakes in the BWCA. To the east, a portage of 50 rods or so leads to Owl Lake and Tuscarora Lake beyond that. To the south, a portage leads to Tarry Lake. The water of Crooked Lake flows through a small creek into Tarry Lake. Out the north side of Crooked Lake is a portage of 90 rods to Gillis Lake. Jerry Lake also flows into Crooked Lake. Jerry Lake drains Hooter Lake, Ogle Lake and even Tuscarora Lake. The water from all of these lakes enters the east bay of Jerry Lake through a creek. Jerry Lake sort of "grades" in to Crooked Lake in Crooked Lake's southeast corner.

Crooked Lake hosts lake trout and northern pike. The depth of the lake is just sufficient for the former.

Two large islands and a smaller third one are found in the eastern half of Crooked Lake. The largest island is about 40 acres in area. The lakes jagged shoreline extends about eight miles.

The forests around Crooked Lake were spared from the 2006 Cavity Lake Fire. However, much of the shoreline was burned in the late 1800's. The large islands have forests that date back to the start of the 19th century.

The remains of an old trappers cabin can be found near the lake along the Crooked Lake to Gillis Lake portage.

Exploring Crooked Lake

An island is visible out in front of the Owl Lake portage landing. This is late fall in the Boundary Waters and near dusk.

A relatively short paddle heading east down the northeast arm of Crooked Lake. This paddle takes you from the Gillis Lake portage, east toward the rising sun and over to the Owl Lake portage.

Crooked Lake from the Owl Lake portage landing.

Route Connections for Crooked Lake

From Crooked Lake, you can portage to Gillis Lake, Owl Lake or Tarry Lake. You can also also paddle into Jerry Lake.

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