Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) - Base Map - Tuscarora Lake #7
McKenzie Map 7. Tuscarora
Overlay Maps of the BWCA (showing approximate area of the numbered McKenzie Map)
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BWCA Entry Points on this base map:
BWCA Entry Point 50 - Cross Bay Lake
BWCA Entry Point 51 - Missing Link Lake
BWCA Entry Point 52 - Brant Lake
BWCA Entry Point 80 - Larch Creek
Maps for this area of the BWCA:
McKenzie 7. Tuscarora
Fisher F-12

Tuscarora Lake Area

Overlay #7 in the BWCA

There are three entry points in this area, all in close proximity to each other. These are Cross Bay Lake (on the Cross River) Entry Point 50, Missing Link Lake Entry Point 51 and Brant Lake Entry Point 52. Both entry points 50 and 51 are from Round Lake.

There are several large destination lakes in this part of the BWCA. They are Gillis Lake, Tuscarora Lake, Long Island Lake, Gabimichigami Lake, Little Saganaga Lake, Sea Gull Lake and a few others. These large lakes are connected together by many small lakes. The Hairy Lake Primitive Management Area (PMA) lies just to the east of Tuscarora Lake and south of Missing Link Lake.

Lake trout is king in this part of the BWCA and the fish are very prevalent in many of the lakes in this area. The lakes tend to be clear and very deep.

Much of this area was heavily impacted by the 2006 Cavity Lake Fire from Gabimichigami Lake over toward the Round Lake area. In 2007 the Ham Lake Fire scorched the area due east of the Cavity Lake Fire. The area burned by these two fires is joined. While new forest growth has sprung up, it will be many years before this part of the BWCA recovers from that fire.

The following major lakes (and many other minor lakes) are shown on the McKenzie(TM) #7 (Tuscarora Lake) Map:

Alpine Lake
Brant Lake
Crooked Lake
Frost Lake
Gabimichigami Lake
Gillis Lake
Ham Lake
Hub Lake
Jasper Lake
Larch Lake
Little Saganaga Lake
Long Island Lake
Makwa Lake
Missing Link Lake
Ogishkemuncie Lake
Peter Lake
Round Lake
Sea Gull Lake
Tuscarora Lake

PMA #1: Weeny PMA #4: Tick PMA #7: Pitfall PMA #10: Hairy
PMA #2: Canthook PMA #5: Spider PMA #8: Mugwump PMA #11: Weasel
PMA #3: Sundial PMA #6: Drag PMA #9: Humpback PMA #12: Fungus
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