Old Pines Trail
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Nearest Entry Point: Kekekabic (West)/Snowbank Lake Trail #74 Fishing: Alworth Lake, Disappointment Lake, Drumstick Lake, Kobe Lake, Medas Lake, Moiyaka Lake
Maps: Fisher F-10, F-11, F-31 Special; McKenzie #9 Trail Water Views: Alworth Lake, Disappointment Lake, Drumstick Lake, Kobe Lake, Medas Lake, Moiyaka Lake
Fire History: 1919
Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Campsites: Possibly 9 (1 visited) Highest Trail Elevation: About 1,740 feet on flanks of Disappointment Mountain
Last Visited: October 3, 2021 Scenic Overlooks: Many, none visited yet
  Trail Connections and Trailheads:
Connections: Kekekabic Trail, Snowbank Lake Trail
Trailheads: Kekekabic Trail (West)/Snowbank Lake Trail

Old Pines Trail

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Kawishiwi Ranger District

Campsite 1: (#1383) - On Disappointment Lake just east of the Ahsub Lake portage
Campsite 2 (#1379): Near mid-lake along east shore just west of island on Disappointment Lake
Campsite 3 (#1380): Along east shoreline near mid-lake at base of point on Disappointment Lake
Campsite 4 (#1206): Elevated campsite just west of Disappointment Lake portage on Ahsub Lake - (Did not verify access to Old Pines Trail)
Campsite 5: On south shore 0.25 miles east of the Disappointment Lake portage on Ahsub Lake (for hikers of the Old Pines Trails - Not Verified)
Campsite 6: North shore of Medas Lake
Campsite 7: South shore of Moiyaka Lake
Campsite 8 (#1387): South shore of Alworth Lake
Campsite 9: North end of Drumstick Lake

Hiking the Old Pines Trail

This hiking trail page is under construction.

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