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This is a very popular website that has more than just information about what fish can be found in the lake.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Lake Finder

This website has additional maps and information about forest fires in what is now the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
Area Burn Map Series Annotated by Miron Henselman
United States Department of Agricultural
United States Forest Service
Found at University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy

Book and Published Papers References

This is the best book for information on the ecosystems of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). It is particularly good with respect to forest fire ecology and the logging era. I highly recommend buying a copy of it if you want to understand more about how the natural processes of the BWCA work. It is available on Amazon and from other book sellers.
The Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem
Miron Heinselman
University of Minnesota Press, 1st Edition
March 1, 1999
352 pages

This is a paper written by Heinselman and published in the Quaternary Research journal. It contains information similar to what is found in Heinselman’s book, The Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem.
Fire in the Virgin Forests of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota
Miron L. Heinselman
Published in Quaternary Research 3, p. 329-382
53 pages

A good books to see if the lake you are heading to has fish. Also has useful information like the size of the lake, the lakes depth and bottom structure. I particularly like the tables in the back of the book. The book covers lakes in the BWCA and some lakes in Quetico Provincial Park.
A Boundary Waters Fishing Guide
Michael Furtman
Birch Portage Press
June 1, 1984
176 pages

Another book available from Michael Furtman that discusses the pictographs found throughout the BWCAW. This books has background information on pictographs, where they can be found in the BWCA and information about each pictograph site.
Magic on the Rocks - Canoe Country Pictographs
Michael Furtman
Birch Portage Press
182 pages


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