Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) - Base Map - Snowbank Lake, Basswood Lake #9
McKenzie Map 9. Snowbank, Basswood
Overlay Maps of the BWCA (showing approximate area of the numbered McKenzie Map)
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BWCA Entry Points on this base map:
BWCA Entry Point 25 - Moose Lake
BWCA Entry Point 27 - Snowbank Lake
BWCA Entry Point 28 - Snowbank Lake (Restricted)
Maps for this area of the BWCA:
McKenzie 9. Snowbank, Basswood
Fisher F-10
Fisher F-11
Fisher F-31 Special

Snowbank Lake Area

Overlay #9 in the BWCA

Moose Lake #25 is the busiest entry point in the BWCA. Snowbank Lake is also a fairly popular entry point. Snowbank Lake is a big, deep, cold lake that can be very rough during high winds. Have a backup plan if conditions warrant when entering the BWCA from here.

Jordan Lake and Ima Lake make nice destinations from Snowbank Lake and both of these lakes are very pretty. By the time you reach Ima Lake, you will have left most of the crowds behind. Ahsub Lake is a designated trout lake by the Minnesota DNR and is stocked with brook trout. Fishing can at times be quite good. Disappointment Lake has some decent northern pike and lot of people.

The area north of Ima Lake was heavily impacted by the 1999 Independence Day windstorm that came through this area. Many downed trees are still evident along the shorelines and only the ridge crests in this area.

If you enter on Moose Lake, you will meet many groups going to and from Prairie Portage. Prairie Portage is the location of the Canadian Ranger Station and an entry point to Quetico Provincial Park. Moose Lake is the quickest way to head up to Ensign and Vera Lake. Beyond that to the east is a string of lakes just south of the Canadian Border that lead to Lake Kekekabic. Just north of this string of lakes is the Border Route, which includes big Knife Lake. To the west of Moose Lake is Wind Lake. From there you can continue west to Good Lake, Indiana Lake and of course Basswood Lake.

The following major lakes (and many other minor lakes) are shown on the McKenzie(TM) #9 (Snowbank Lake) Map:

Ashigan Lake
Boot Lake
Disappointment Lake
Ensign Lake
Ima Lake
Jordan Lake
Knife Lake
Parent Lake
Snowbank Lake
Vera Lake

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