Sedative Creek
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Nearest Entry Point: Snowbank Lake #27 Fishing: Did not fish. Creek is quite narrow and marshy.
Maps: Fisher F-11 and McKenzie #8, #9 Creek Depth: 3 foot or more; MN DNR Map
Bushwhack Rating: This is fun, right? Creek Distance: About 1/4 mile from Sedative Lake to Reflection Lake
Campsites: PMA - No designated campsites Wildlife Seen on Visit: Beaver
Last Visited: August 2, 2014 Creek Elevation: About 1510 feet at the Sedative Lake headwaters; About 1505 feet at Reflection Lake mouth
Water Clarity: N/A Fire History: No fires in recorded history

(Sedative) Creek

Have not yet visited this Primitive Management Area lake. The information displayed on this page are notes used for planning a future trip to this area. Use the information on this page at your own risk.

Spider Lake PMA

The lower part of Sedative Creek near Reflection Lake is wide and filled with the usual lily pads. As you paddle upstream towards Sedative Lake though, the creek gets narrower and narrower. You will encounter several beaver dams along the way that will require liftovers. For the last 1/8th of a mile (40 rods or so), the creek is so thin that it is barely wider than your canoe and there are several sharp turns that will probably require those with large tandem canoes to get out and push. Finally, just as the creek feels like it is going to disappear into the surrounding marsh, you will go around a final left turn and arrive at what is perhaps best described as a small grotto. On the left of this small pool is (Sedative) Creek tumbling over some rocks down a small rapids. On the right side, the creek continues on through the marsh past a rock projecting out of the water, but the forest is very dense so the creek will no longer be navigable in that direction. Anyway, you want to proceed up these small rapids on the left. Check to the left of the rapids where you will find a faint, but usable portage. The word "portage" is used in the PMA sense here, but it is nevertheless a trail. There were two large trees that you have to get your canoe over or under at the start of this trail as of August, 2014. You can also just walk up the middle of (Sedative) Creek over the rocks. It is slightly tricky footing, but not far and the water feels good on a hot day. (Sedative) Creek flows out of Sedative Lake after flowing over and through a giant beaver dam. This dam probably raises the level of the entire lake at least a few feet!

What is a Primitive Management Area (PMA)?

Traveling Sedative Creek (Upstream)

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Sedative Creek 1
Looking upstream toward the east at Sedative Creek from its mouth at Reflection Lake.

At the mouth of Sedative Creek, you now paddle into the marsh grass. Easy to locate because it is near those large cliffs/rock outcrops.

Sedative Creek 2
(Sedative) Creek upstream of Reflection Lake. The creek steadily narrows as you make your way upstream towards Sedative Lake.

Sedative Creek 3
Running out of elbow room as you get to the upper reaches of (Sedative) Creek. This is probably within a couple hundred feet of the small rapids that flow into the "grotto".

The navigable part of Sedative Creek ends in this grotto you have now paddled into. The small rapids to the left is the creek coming down from Sedative Lake, which is only a short bushwhack from here. Another small creek comes in from the right by the boulder. This is a very pretty little place along the creek. You head left from here up those rapids.

Sedative Creek 5
This is a serene spot. The Grotto seems like a good name for it. On the left, you see (Sedative) Creek coming down the small rapids and flowing into this pond. To the right of the photo, according to satellite imagery, another creek flows in near that rock from the east. That creek is difficult to find in the grass and brush because it is so small.

Sedative Creek 4
Rapids bubbling into The Grotto area along Sedative Creek. The bushwhack (remains of an old portage) start just to the left of this view.

Sedative Creek 6
Your first view of Sedative Lake seen from the middle of Sedative Creek. In the middle of your view is the big beaver dam, which Sedative Creek flows over and through, out of Sedative Lake.

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