Grubstake Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Snowbank Lake Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-11 and McKenzie #8, #9 Lake Depth: Unknown
Bushwhack Rating: Lake Size: About 25 acres
Campsites: None Wildlife Seen on Visit: Never visited
Last Visited: Never Lake Elevation: 1510 feet
Water Clarity: Unknown Fire History: No fires in recorded history

Grubstake Lake

Have not yet visited this Primitive Management Area lake. The information displayed on this page are notes used for planning a future trip to this area. Use the information on this page at your own risk.

Spider Lake PMA

The name Grubstake Lake is a reference to the mining operations that used to occur throughout the BWCA. A grubstake is equipment, supplies and/or money loaned to a prospector looking for ore, for an opportunty to share in that prospectors profits if he strikes a profitable vein.

You will not find much ore in the rocks around Grubstake Lake, because there are virtually no rocks to speak of; its all swamp. However, you may find wildlife as this is good moose and waterfowl habitat.

Approach to Grubstake Lake

Look for a wide creek entering the south end of Skoota Lake.

Bushwhack to Grubstake Lake

Paddling up the wide creek that flows into the south end of Skoota Lake for about 20 rods. The creek then narrows and you may have to bushwhack for 5 rods or so into a small squishy pond. This little pond lies 20 rods due west of Grubstake Lake. Follow the creek that connects this pond to Grubstake Lake the rest of the distance. This section of the creek is not navigable so you will have to bushwhack.

Exploring Grubstake Lake

Grubstake Lake is a late stage lake that is about half filled in with peat bog. The peat bog is floating out on the lake so the satellite images show a ring of water around the edge of the lake surrounding the floating peat. The middle of the lake also still has a wide section of open water. Grubstake Lake is a possible jumping off point for those wishing to attempt a bushwhack to Minerva Lake. A small creek that drains into the southeast shore of Grubstake Lake (likely difficult to find) leads in the general direction of Minerva Lake.

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