Hairy Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Cross Bay River or Round Lake Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-12, McKenzie #7 Lake Depth: Unknown
Bushwhack Rating: Lake Size: 7 acres; smallest named lake in BWCA PMA's
Campsites: None Wildlife Seen on Visit: Never visited
Last Visited: Never Lake Elevation: 1930 feet; highest elevation of any PMA lake
Water Clarity: Unknown Fire History: 1875, 1863-64 (not shown on map yet), 1846 and 1727

Hairy Lake

Hairy Lake PMA

The lake is possibly named for the amount of difficulty it takes to reach it. It is a small lake (only 7 acres) on a route to nowhere from Sora Lake. Hairy Lake has the highest elevation of any PMA lake in the BWCA. A fair amount of traffic paddles down the length of Sora Lake (for a lake in a PMA), but few of those paddlers have ever visited Hairy Lake.

A large 1875 fire that likely ignited somewhere near Lake Insula and the Hog Lake area. The fire is known as the Alice Lake/Ogishkemuncie Lake/Tuscarora Lake/Cherokee Lake Complex.

One of the huge 1863-64 fires, namely the North Kawishiwi River/Alice Lake/Cypress Lake/Saganaga Lake Complex, ravaged this area. This fire likely started near the town of Isabella, Minnesota.

This fire started within what is now the Hairy Lake Primitive Management Area. The ignition point was probably somewhere between Mass Lake and Auk Lake. This fire, which took place in 1846, is called the Auk Lake/Long Island Lake/Cross Bay Lake Complex.

Way back in 1727, the Gordon Lake/Brule Lake/Winchell Lake Complex burned this area. It probably began somewhere near Sawbill Lake.

Approach to Hairy Lake

Search for a small creek flowing into the middle of the west shore of Sora Lake.

Bushwhack to Hairy Lake

While only 50 rods, this bushwhack will likely be tough, as the terrain appears fairly rugged (elevation changes, rocks) and is heavily forested. There is a small, unnavigable creek connecting Hairy Lake to Sora Lake that could help guide the way.

Exploring Hairy Lake

You will probably be one of the few people on Earth to ever visit Hairy Lake if you decide to accept the challenge.

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