Bruin Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Little Gabbro Lake #33 Fishing: MN DNR Fish Survey; Northern Pike
Maps: F-3; McKenzie #18 Lake Depth: 30 feet
Fire History:
Lake Size: 35 acres
Campsites: 1 (1 visited) Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Last Visited: September 6, 2020;
Previous Visit(s): August 5, 2016
Lake Elevation: 1434 feet
To Little Gabbro Lake: Walk the 281 rod portage
To South Kawishiwi River: Walk the 15 rod portage

Bruin Lake

Kawishiwi Ranger District

Campsite 1 (#1709): Next to the Little Gabbro Lake portage up the hill

Another lake with its name derived from a term for a bear.

A small pass through lake between the South Kawishiwi River and Little Gabbro Lake. There is still a fair amount of blowdown around this lake, much of it from the July 21, 2016 windstorm that hit this area hard.

The campsite on this lake was destroyed by the July 2016 windstorm. As of September 2020, the campsite has been rebuilt. It is found up the hill from the canoe landing where the portage to Little Gabbro Lake begins. It's a very minimal campsite. The Fisher F-3 map incorrectly shows the location of the campsite on older maps, as being well north of the Little Gabbro Lake portage along the east shoreline. The McKenzie map shows the correct placement of the campsite.

The 281 rod portage from Little Gabbro Lake is located in the wrong location on some Fisher BWCA maps. The portage starts on Little Gabbro Lake due north of BWCA Campsite 1705, back in the bay on the west side of the lake. Besides being a long one, the portage is in good shape.

There is a below average population of northern pike in this lake.

This lake appears to be landlocked and is likely fed from runoff from the surrounding area and perhaps natural springs.

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Pauly, Daniel, Exploring the Boundary Waters (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2005), 215.

Exploring Bruin Lake

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Bruin Lake 1
View to the northwest of Bruin Lake from the Little Gabbro Lake portage.

Bruin Lake 2
Looking generally northwest here. Bruin Lake extends mostly to the right, with only a small part of the lake to the left being out of view from your position. Portage to the South Kawishiwi River is straight across the lake from this position. (August 2016.)

Bruin Lake 3
Recently fallen trees are visible at the portage, as this view was from right after the July 21, 2016 blowdown that affected this area. View here is toward the north part of the lake. (August 2016.)

Route Connections for Bruin Lake

From Bruin Lake, you can portage to Little Gabbro Lake or the South Kawishiwi River.

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