Campsite on Little Gabbro Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Little Gabbro Lake (#1705)

Campsite last visited on: September 6, 2020

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Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 1
Appearance of the campsite from just off shore on Little Gabbro Lake.

Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 2
Canoe landing is on sand and gravel in a shallow bay. This is the same bay where the portage for BWCA Entry Point 33 is located.

Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 3
The campfire area has an eastern view of Little Gabbro Lake. A chipmunk can be seen cleaning up after some sloppy campers just right of center. Expect to see a few canoeists paddle by, as this campsite is just down the shoreline from the entry point portage.

Good site. The firepit is right on the lake and has a great view. The tent pads are back in the woods. A lot of space for tents. Some nice places to sit out on the rocks just down the shore. Canoe landing is large, big enough for a small cruise ship. Shore fishing potential is limited due to the shallow water out in front of the campsite.

A closer look at this campsites resident chipmunk. Trail mix is a favorite. Granola bars not bad either...

Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 4
This campsites resident chipmunk. This little guy is quite friendly; likely because it's kept well fed.

Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 5
View of tent spaces at this campsite.

Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 6
View of island offshore to the northeast of the campsite.

Little Gabbro Lake Campsite 7
Looking north up the shoreline from the campsite. Good rocks to sit on and look out over the lake.

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