Slowfoot Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Lake One Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-11 and McKenzie #19 Lake Depth: Unknown
Bushwhack Rating: Lake Size: 45 acres
Campsites: Unknown Wildlife Seen on Visit: Never visited
Last Visited: Never Lake Elevation: 1505 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Fire History: 1916-17, 1910, and 1885-89

Slowfoot Lake

Drag Lake PMA

An interesting lake accessible from Delta Lake through the Slowfoot Creek drainage. The meaning of slowfoot is elusive as it is not a dictionary word. The shape of the lake does not seem to resemble a foot, but others may interpret the lakes outline differently.

The forest fires of 1885-1889 affected the area from Fire Lake up to Disappointment Lake.

A fire in 1910 burned a swath of forest from the Horseshoe/Wilder Lake area and move north, burning the forests around Parent Lake and Disappointment Lake.

Fire burned the region in 1916-1917 centered on the Drumstick Creek drainage and forest just to its east.

Approach to Slowfoot Lake

You get to Slowfoot Lake by heading up Slowfoot Creek from Delta Lake.

Bushwhack to Slowfoot Lake

Check out the Slowfoot Creek page on this site to see how one manages the bushwhack out to this lake. At least the first 20 rods of Slowfoot Creek can be paddled up from Delta Lake. From satellite images, other sections of the creek also appear navigable. The sections where a bushwhack is required will necessitate the need to tramp through peat bog which forms the banks of the creek for its entire length. The entire bushwhack from Delta Lake to Slowfoot Lake is about 180 rods.

Exploring Slowfoot Lake

A compelling place to visit since the lake has a jagged shoreline and a very long isthmus extending almost half the length of the lake. This isthmus may be split near its middle by a very narrow section of open water (hard to tell from satellite images. Slowfoot Lake likely has northern pike since these fish are at least in the lower reaches of Slowfoot Creek.

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