Portage between Little Trout Lake and Rum Lake and surrounding area
Length in Rods: 62 rods Date portage was last visited: August 17, 2020
Portage Rating: Rugged  

The Portage between Little Trout Lake and Rum Lake

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Portaging Direction: From Little Trout Lake to Rum Lake

Little-Trout-Rum-Portage 1
This landing is pretty bad, but better than the one you will discover on the Rum Lake end. You can stand in the water here, its about knee to mid-thigh in depth. You have to lift everything up onto the ledge.

The portage in this direction is "slightly" easier. From Little Trout Lake, head up a hill gaining about 80 feet in elevation. The trail is covered with rubble and boulders and is fairly steep. Throw in some overgrowth by late summer for good measure. After "summiting", the trail is kind of level for about 10 to 15 rods. The path then heads downhill almost all the way to Rum Lake. It's loses 100 feet of elevation along this stretch. This side of the hill has fewer boulders and better footing. The landing at Rum Lake is poor.

Little-Trout-Rum-Portage 2
This end of the portage has the usual rubble pile of different sized rocks typical of the portages along this route. What makes this landing more difficult is that the water gets deep very quickly. The lake also has low visibility, so hard to see the bottom.

Now that you've made it over the portage, visit: RUM LAKE

Portaging Direction: From Rum Lake to Little Trout Lake

Little-Trout-Rum-Portage 3
The landing poses a difficult beginning to a bruiser of a portage. The water here is deep, so you will need to position your canoe right next to shore in order to get out.

Whoever created this portage thought it would be better to go over the mountain than around the mountain. From Rum Lake, the portage makes a steep climb uphill gaining about 100 feet in elevation. Think of it as carrying a canoe to the top of a 10 story building on a really poorly built stairway. Once you get to the top, it isn't long before you start heading back down. The downslope of this portage loses about 80 feet of elevation and is similarly steep. The half of the portage closest to Little Trout Lake is substantially rockier.

Little-Trout-Rum-Portage 4
After bottoming out at the Little Trout Lake end of this portage, you are rewarded with a pretty view. That island straight in front of you is where the lakes island campsite is located. The canoe landing for that campsite is on this side of the island. The portage landing here is a ledge that you must shuffle your gear down. The water is clear and just shallow enough to stand in.

Now that you've made it over the portage, visit: LITTLE TROUT LAKE

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