Campsite on Little Trout Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Little Trout Lake (#2016)

Campsite last visited on: August 17, 2020

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Little Trout Lake Campsite 1
A nice canoe landing at this site. Water is nice and shallow with a hard bottom of small gravel. The start of the Rum Lake portage is visible in the background across the lake, just right of center. The fact that this campsite is near the portage probably isn't much of an issue, as this part of the BWCA receives light visitor traffic.

Little Trout Lake Campsite 2
From the canoe landing, you head up this trail to the fire grate area. The ttrail is in the middle of view, but kind of hard to make out once it enters the woods.

Campsite walk around. You go up a trail to where the fire grate and the sleeping area is. There are two "good" tent pads at this site. You could find a another if you use your imagination. The kitchen area is at the top of the trail in the woods, so its not an ideal layout as you don't get much view of the lake The campsite nearest the Misquah Lake portage is probably the best one on this lake and is big enough to support a large group. The campsite on the east end of the lake is also bigger. If you like the idea of being on the island though, this is your only choice. Remember, bears can swim...

Little Trout Lake Campsite 3
Kitchen area is nice and open. Log furniture has seen better days.

Little Trout Lake Campsite 4
Another view of the fire pit area. Hope you brought some camp chairs. This location of the camp also serves as a place to throw up a tent (to right of seating area).

Little Trout Lake Campsite 5
The big tent pad.

Little Trout Lake Campsite 6
The green thing is located down an easily followed trail.

Little Trout Lake Campsite 7
Looking down the trail toward the canoe landing. This may be the best part of the campsite, as it allows easy access to the lake and some room to walk around. Shore is fairly easy to walk around much of island allowing some shore fishing potential.

Little Trout Lake Campsite 8
A view off to the southwest from the south end of the island.

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