Campsite on Clearwater Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Clearwater Lake (#682)

Campsite last visited on: September 12, 2022

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This campsite can support a large group of paddlers. Most would probably agree this is one of the better campsites on Clearwater Lake. The fire pit is well laid out and sits on a rock platform well above the lake, providing expansive views towards the east. The latrine is well placed and the trail to it is in good condition. Canoe landing is quite decent. Great assortment of tent pads to choose from. Grab this campsite if you are ready to stop for the day. One negative of this campsite is that it's fairly close to the portage to Mountain Lake. You will hear groups using this portage.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 1
Really solid (it's made of rock afterall) landing at this campsite.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 2
Fantastic fireplace with new log seating. The fire pit is placed up high above the lake on a rock ledge. This view is to the east.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 3
Another look at the kitchen.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 4
A mildly grassy tent pad. Some folks prefer the grass because it is a little softer.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 5
Large tent pad, but has a root problem.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 6
Another large tent pad and this one doesn't have any issues.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 7
Massive tent pad, also quite good.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 8
This thing probably gets a lot of business being that this is such a fine campsite that is capable of supporting large groups.

Clearwater Lake Campsite 9
Looking east from the canoe landing.

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