Phospor Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Gabbro Lake Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-4 or F-31; McKenzie #18 Lake Depth: Unknown
Bushwhack Rating: Lake Size: 41 acres
Campsites: None Wildlife Seen on Visit: Never visited
Last Visited: Never Lake Elevation: 1543 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Fire History: 2011 and 1875

Phospor Lake

Have not yet visited this Primitive Management Area lake. The information displayed on this page are notes used for planning a future trip to this area. Use the information on this page at your own risk.

Weasel Lake PMA

Some maps spell this lake ‘phosphor’ like you might expect, however most modern maps record it as Phospor Lake.

So far have been unable to figure out who or what a ‘phospor’ is. Phosphor is a synthetic fluorescent often used on cathode ray screens (remember the old heavy TV’s). This lake was likely named before even the old boob tubes were invented. The lake could be named for phosphorus, which is atomic element 15 on the Periodic Table of the Elements. However, it is spelled wrong. Maybe an accidental misspelling that has just stuck. The world may never know.

Phospor was on the very western edge of the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire. The eastern 80% of the lake lost its forest cover to the fire. Three islands dot Phospor lake; two of which are quite large. The largest island off the point that projects from Phospor’s south shore had its forest burned by the fire. The large island near the north shore escaped the fire. Superstition Lake and the Powwow Trail lie about a half mile to the southeast.

Approach to Phospor Lake

Bushwhackers should consider heading to the small bay on the south shore of Gull Lake that has the three large islands just off shore from it.  A creek at the back of this bay is floatable for the first 20 rods or so.  This bay is located near the burn line along Gull Lake’s south shore.

Bushwhack to Phospor Lake

From the back of the small bay, proceed 15 to 20 rods up the creek until it cannot be floated any farther.  From here, follow the burn line which separates burned forest from standing forest and burned forest from peat bog.  This burn line can be followed all the way to Phospor Lake.  It is about a half-mile of vigorous bushwhacking to reach remote Phospor Lake, so eat your Wheaties’s!  You’ll need a second bowl for the return trip.

Exploring Phospor Lake

Phospor Lake has three islands and a nice jagged shoreline to explore.  Beyond that, any particulars about this lake you will have to discover for yourself.

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