Portage between Brant Lake and Edith Lake and surrounding area
Length in Rods: 33 rods Date portage was last visited: June 14, 2020;
Previous Visit(s): October 9, 2015
Portage Rating: Average  

The Portage between Brant Lake and Edith Lake

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Portaging Direction: From Brant Lake to Edith Lake

Brant-Edith-Portage 1
The beginning of the 33 rod to Edith Lake. Canoe landing is easy to manage. Entire area affected by 2006 Cavity Lake Fire.

A short portage that is very flat and often muddy. If it has rained recently, this portage trail can become a quagmire. As soon as you start this portage you enter the BWCA at Entry Point 52 - Brant Lake (June 2020).

This is older footage of the same portage (October 2015). Notice how much regrowth of the forest has occurred in about five years time. The portage has always been muddy.

Brant-Edith-Portage 5
Compare this image of Edith Lake to the panoramic image displayed below. (June 2020).

Brant-Edith-Portage 2
Edith Lake panoramic view from the portage landing for Brant Lake. This is where you officially enter or leave the BWCA at Entry Point 52 - Brant Lake. A sign indicating you are crossing the BWCA boundary line is just behind you. The portage landing is good and is set back in a little bay. The portage to West Round Lake is directly across the lake from where you stand (October 2015).

Now that you've made it over the portage, visit: EDITH LAKE

Portaging Direction: From Edith Lake to Brant Lake

Brant-Edith-Portage 3
Start of the portage from Edith Lake to Brant Lake. This is a very good portage landing. The sign on your left indicates you are entering the BWCA. This is Entry Point #52 - Brant Lake (October 2015).

Brant-Edith-Portage 6
You can just make out the BWCA boundary sign behind the small pine tree right in front of the canoe. Compare this to the image above which was about five years ago. That young pine tree doesn't even exist then (June 2020).

Here is where you officially enter the BWCA and portage from Edith Lake to Brant Lake. The short portage passes through forest ravaged by the 2006 Cavity Lake Fire. The portage is well worn and often muddy. If it has rained recently or if it is springtime, much of the path will be underwater. Bring your boots! Compare this video with the older video shown below. The forest is coming back fast.

The same portage, but in a different season and separated by several years of time. This has always been a muddy portage.

Brant-Edith-Portage 7
Brant Lake nearing sunset (June 2020).

Brant-Edith-Portage 4
Panoramic view of Brant Lake from the Edith Lake portage. You're looking to the west (October 2015). About the middle one-third part of this panoramic image is represented by the image above.

Now that you've made it over the portage, visit: BRANT LAKE

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