Dam Number One on Little Gabbro Lake and surrounding area

Dam Number One on Little Gabbro Lake

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An old logging dam that was partially removed by the U.S. Forest Service. Removal of this dam returned the water levels of Little Gabbro Lake to near their normal level (August 2016).

Dam No 1
View from along the cliff overlook that is just off the portage trail between Little Gabbro Lake and the South Kawishiwi River. Here you are looking south back out the channel toward the main body of Little Gabbro Lake. A campsite is across the channel on that point just right of center in the distance. Another campsite is on this side of the channel directly across from the campsite on that point. The water starts to pick up speed just past the portage landing (evidence seen in lower left) before it goes over the old logging dam.

Dam No 2
Upstream view of the structure of Dam Number One on Little Gabbro Lake. This dam was probably built by the St. Croix Lumber Company. This dam was used in the early 1900's to raise the water level of lakes to facilitate the movement of logs. Most of these dams from this era have deterioriated or been physicallly removed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Dam No 3
Dam No. 1 viewed from the cliffs directly above it. There is a second dam on Little Gabbro Lake's northwest channel. That is named Dam No. 2. Both of the north channels of Little Gabbro Lake connect to the South Kawishiwi River. That northwest channel can also be passed through, but requires several small portages and some caution. These portages are not marked on the map (August 2016).

Dam No 4
Another view of Dam Number 1 in September 2020. You can walk down and stand right next to it from the portage trail.

Dam No 5
Downstream from Dam Number 1, the channel passes through a small gorge.

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