Trease Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: South Hegman Lake #77 Fishing: Probably Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye because Trease Lake is directly connected to North Hegman Lake
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #11 Lake Depth: Unknown
Fire History:
Lake Size: Unknown
Campsites: 0 Wildlife Seen on Visit: Lots of Waterfowl
Last Visited: April 29, 2016 Lake Elevation: 1462 feet
To North Hegman Lake: Paddle In
To Angleworm Lake Portage/Trail: Walk the 428 rod portage (After reaching Angleworm Lake Trail, you must still follow that to get to Angleworm Lake)

Trease Lake

Kawishiwi Ranger District

Trease Lake collects the water from surrounding marshlands and runoff from the many cliffs that surround the lake. This water feeds south through the channel into North Hegman Lake. Trease Lake is more like a northern extension of North Hegman Lake.

The entrance to Trease Lake is just north of the cliffs containing the North Hegman Lake pictographs via a wide channel. This channel is navigable in pretty much any water level conditions.

Since Trease Lake is sort of an extension of North Hegman Lake, it is probably reasonable to assume it has the same fish species present.

Like the two Hegman Lake's to the south, Trease Lake also has many high and pretty cliffs ringing its edges.

Besides coming to Trease Lake to take in the scenery and maybe try your fishing luck, another reason is to portage. A long and rugged portage extends from the north shore of Trease Lake for 428 rods up to the Angleworm Lake Portage/Angleworm Lake Trail. The portage is a couple rods or so to the right of an open area of forest along the shoreline. Easy to mistake this open spot for the beginning of the portage. Walk the portage, which heads generally north until you arrive at the intersection with the Angleworm Lake Trail. This is a four way intersection. See the Angleworm Lake Trail page for details of how to figure out which direction to go from this point to make it the rest of the way to Angleworm Lake or to head back to BWCA Entry Point 20.

Hardtack Lake is accessible with some bushwhacking from the southwest bay of Trease Lake by following a small creek for perhaps 50 rods.

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Exploring Trease Lake

Routes to locations on Trease Lake are shown below:
Paddling from North Hegman Lake to Angleworm Trail portage (which goes to Angleworm Lake)
Paddling from the Angleworm Trail portage to North Hegman Lake

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Trease Lake 1
Paddling out of North Hegman Lake and north into Trease Lake through the channel that connects the two lakes.

From the channel between North Hegman Lake and Trease Lake, veer to the left and stay along the west shoreline of Trease Lake as you paddle toward the north. This route ends on the north shore of Trease Lake at the portage that leads to the Angleworm Trail. Once you reach the Angleworm Trail, you can follow that the remaining distance to Angleworm Lake.

Trease Lake 2
This rock outcropping is visible along the west shore of Trease Lake about midway.
Portage to the Angleworm Trail -or- Explore Another Route
***********************************************END OF ROUTE***********************************************


Trease Lake 3
The view towards the southeast when you are standing on the Trease Lake to Angleworm Lake Trail portage.

Trease Lake 4
Looking south from the portage to the Angleworm Lake Trail. The channel to North Hegman Lake is just to the right of center on other side of lake.

After setting out from the Trease Lake portage landing, head toward the east and then down the eastern shoreline to the south, until reaching the channel leading back to North Hegman Lake.

Trease Lake 5
Steep rock slope along the east shore of Trease Lake.

Trease Lake 6
Last vestiges of winter clinging to the shadowed eastern shoreline of Trease Lake.

Trease Lake 7
Looking back toward the northeast as you make for the channel leading south to North Hegman Lake.

Trease Lake 8
A view down the channel into North Hegman Lake. The North Hegman Lake cliff containing the pictographs is just around the corner to the right as you enter North Hegman Lake.
Paddle into North Hegman Lake -or- Explore Another Route
***********************************************END OF ROUTE***********************************************

Route Connections for Trease Lake

From Trease Lake, you can portage to the Angleworm Lake Portage/Trail or paddle into North Hegman Lake.

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