Campsite on Smoke Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Smoke Lake (#919)

Campsite last visited on: May 21, 2020

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Smoke Lake Campsite 1
Sandy beach landing offers a promising start to the exploration of this campsite. The canoe landing is an perfect place to set up a chair by the lake.

Smoke Lake Campsite 2
Lots of open space around the fire pit. No direct views of the lake, only filtered views through the trees.

Smoke Lake Campsite 3
View of the kitchen area from another direction.

Smoke Lake Campsite 4
And another vantage point of the fire pit seating area. Its a really big campsite.

A desirable campsite, so stroll around a bit. The canoe landing is a beach. Also good for swimming with a sandy bottom. The area where the fire pit is located is very open. There is enough gaps in the trees to allow a breeze to flow through the area, which should help with bug issues. There is many places for tents. Site will support a maximum legal sized BWCA group with ease. The latrine is a short walk back in the woods, but private enough. The island out in front of the campsite should provide some privacy. The campsite isn't along the major paddling route through Smoke Lake, so it should be quiet.

Smoke Lake Campsite 5
One of several tent pad spots. This is a large campsite.

Smoke Lake Campsite 6
Another obvious location to prop up a tent. More than one tent can fit in the big tent pad areas.

Smoke Lake Campsite 7
The throne. This one has an intact lid to open and close. Fancy.

Smoke Lake Campsite 8
View from the throne where you can contemplate the meaning of the universe.

Smoke Lake Campsite 9
Looking out toward the southwest from the canoe landing. Those trees just across the lake are on the island that is located just out in front of this campsite.

Smoke Lake Campsite 10
From the canoe landing, looking in a westerly direction. The north tip of the island is visible to your left.

Smoke Lake Campsite 11
Another view from the beach, but this time looking south down the eastern shoreline of Smoke Lake. The island takes up the right half of your view.

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