Campsite on the Pigeon River at Fort Charlotte and surrounding area

Campsite on the Pigeon River at Fort Charlotte

Campsite last visited on: August 24, 2020

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Camping at Fort Charlotte requires a permit from the National Park Service. The information for reserving these permits is on the Grand Portage National Monument website.

Pigeon River Campsite 1
There are two separate campsites at the Fort Charlotte campground that have basically the same configuration. Each campsite has a few picnic tables, three wooden tent pad platforms and a single round iron fire pit with grate.

Pigeon River Campsite 2
A good look at all elements of these campsites here at Fort Charlotte.

A walk around the campsites at Fort Charlotte. You must reserve these ahead of time with the National Park Service to camp legally at Grand Portage National Monument.

Pigeon River Campsite 3
It's a picnic table. Good for piling your junk on.

Pigeon River Campsite 4
Each tent platform can accommodate a single tent (unless they are solo tents with very small footprints).

Pigeon River Campsite 5
There are several gigantic pine trees standing over the Fort Charlotte campground. A couple of these trees could have little been alive even when Fort Charlotte was here.

Pigeon River Campsite 6
Another view of the campsites.

Pigeon River Campsite 7
Just as you walk into the campground from The Grand Portage, the campgrounds only outhouse (visible in background) is to your right by this mileage sign.

Pigeon River Campsite 8
If you are arriving here after paddling down the Pigeon River, this is the canoe landing for Fort Charlotte. Past this point, you enter some rapids which eventually become thundering cataracts a short ways downstream. This is as far as you can go on the Pigeon River, thus the need for The Grand Portage. A powerful series of rapids begins about a half-mile downstream from Fort Charlotte and is known as The Cascades.

Pigeon River Campsite 9
A look upstream from the canoe landing at Fort Charlotte. It's about 11 miles from here upstream to The Fowl Portage. That portage bypasses a series of rapids along the Pigeon River and leads to South Fowl Lake. The Fowl Portage is a "foul" portage. The portage is located on the Canadian side of the river. There are several trails along the Pigeon River near Fort Charlotte allowing you to walk along the river for some distance.

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