Campsite on Long Island Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Long Island Lake (#569)

Campsite last visited on: June 16, 2019

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Long Island Lake Campsite 1
Many exposed tree roots from soil erosion at this heavily used campsite. Close up of the canoe landing which consists of sand and small gravel.

Long Island Lake Campsite 2
A look at the perfect "ramp" canoe landing. View is to the north/northwest of the western most bay of Long Island Lake.

Long Island Lake Campsite 3
The kitchen with the canoe landing area visible in the background. The best place for landing a canoe is on the north side of the point.

Long Island Lake Campsite 4
Tent pad. This one looks comfy.

There are a lot of good campsites on this lake and this is one of them. The point provides good airflow and views to the north, east and south. The canoe landing is sandy and smooth. There are plenty of good spots to pitch a tent. The kitchen area has lots of room. This campsite gets a lot of visitors and the heavy use shows on the trees and soil. This campsite requires quite a hike to get to the biffy, so don't drink too much before bedtime.

Long Island Lake Campsite 5
A medium sized tent area. This spot seemed a bit rough -- exposed tree roots.

Long Island Lake Campsite 6
A large tent area near to the campsites kitchen.

Long Island Lake Campsite 7
The small island in the distance (center) is the western most of two islands in the north bay of Long Island Lake (about 1,100 feet away). The island partially visible to the right is the single island that is the farthest west and nearest to this campsite (about 500 feet away).

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