Campsite on Lake Four and surrounding area

Campsite on Lake Four (#1498)

Campsite last visited on: May 19, 2023

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Lake Four Campsite 1
A look at the landing from just offshore.

Lake Four Campsite 2
There are two landing spots at this campsite. There is the grassy area shown here.

Lake Four Campsite 3
Just a few feet away is another landing next to a large boulder on a smooth rock platform.

Large campsite that mostly escaped the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire. There are at least three large tent pads. The fire pit was in good shape as of 2023. Large landing area. Fairly open site as some of the trees were burned. There are just enough standing trees to provide some decent cover.

Lake Four Campsite 4
Well appointed scullery with fresh logs for seating.

Lake Four Campsite 5
Another firepit view.

Lake Four Campsite 5
A rather grassy tent pad. This campsite only sees moderate use it seems.

Lake Four Campsite 6
You'll find this tent pad right next to the fire pit.

Lake Four Campsite 7
Another tent pad behind the fire pit.

Lake Four Campsite 8Up a mild incline near the edge of the burn zone is the powder room (no mirror provided, bring your own).

Lake Four Campsite 9
Taking a gander to the southwest. This small island is just off the point.

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