Campsite on Kelso Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Kelso Lake (#874)

Campsite last visited on: October 8, 2019

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Take a tour of the campsite. This is a fairly compact campsite. Counted two tent pads. The fire grate is in a cool location as it is placed up against a glacial erratic (large boulder). The latrine is up the hill. Canoe landing is an easy one.

Kelso Lake Campsite 1
A reasonably good canoe landing. No big rocks. Water is shallow. Campsite is at the back of the bay, so it's the only site with really good privacy on this lake.

Kelso Lake Campsite 2
The fire grate is in the shadow below that big boulder to the left. Oven comes with a built-in heat reflector at this campsite.

Kelso Lake Campsite 3
One of the tent pads. This is the one by the fire pit.

Kelso Lake Campsite 4
Another fair-sized tent pad. This one is back in the woods a bit if you follow the short trail.

Kelso Lake Campsite 5
Looking over the top of the "reflector"; this is the big boulder next to the fire grate.

Kelso Lake Campsite 5
The view from the throne area.

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