Campsite on Kawishiwi Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Kawishiwi Lake (#1009)

Campsite last visited on: May 31, 2021

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Campsite tour video. Highlights are a sandy beach all to yourself. The site is large and has room for many tents on three or four tent pads. The fire grate had sparse seating amenities at time of last visit. People have a tendency to burn the log furniture as these heavily utilized campsites for some reason.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 1
This campsite comes with a beach, which also doubles as a great place to land a boat.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 2
Kitchen space. Lots of room at this campsite. Seating arrangements are mediocre.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 3
Another view.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 4
This is a large campsite. Room for a legion of campers.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 6
Tent pad 2.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 7
Tent pad 3.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 8
The can. Has a backrest.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 9
Good view of the campsite, looking toward the lake this time.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 10
Even a log bench sized for a kiddo.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 5
View to the north of the bay in which this campsite is situated. There is another campsite on that point that extends out almost to the left edge of your view.

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