Campsite on Kawishiwi Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Kawishiwi Lake (#1006)

Campsite last visited on: May 31, 2021

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Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 1
Might need a little creativity to make the canoe landing work, but its not so bad.

Solid campsite. Take a walk around the place. There is a bit of canoe traffic that passes by this location as it is near the entrance to the Kawishiwi River.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 2
Fire pit. Current log furniture is adequate. Lots of room.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 3
Good views of the lake from the dining room. There is enough tree cover to give some protection from the wind, without wrecking the views.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 4
Three tent pads. This is probably the best of them.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 6
Another good site, albeit smaller, tucked into the woods a bit.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 7
The third bedroom. Use this one if you're desperate.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 8
The dais.

Kawishiwi Lake Campsite 5
The "almost" island due east of the campsite. It is connected by a thin strip of land. There is another island to the right, just out of view. To the right of your view here, you can see far to the southeast the distant shoreline of Kawishiwi Lake. A steady stream of canoes with pass between where you are standing and the "almost island" during busy periods in the BWCA. Much of this traffic is heading to Lake Polly and beyond.

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