Campsite on Gillis Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Gillis Lake (#509)

Campsite last visited on: June 14, 2020

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The campsite is back in a small bay and fairly well protected from the wind by a peninsula. Could potentially be bug issues. The fire pit is built into a series of rock ledges that provides a nice sitting area and a pleasant view of the lake. There are at least three tent pads, so the campsite can accommodate a fairly sizeable group. Trees for pack hanging are available, including a giant pine that towers over the site. Canoe landing is a little rocky.

Gillis Lake Campsite 1
The landing for this campsite is in this little cove protected from waves and wind by that peninsula you see in the background. The actual landing is sort of average by BWCA standards. It's no sandy beach, but the water is shallow enough, if a bit rocky.

Gillis Lake Campsite 2
The fire grate is built into these series of rock terraces that step up above the lake. The ledges make for good sitting places. There are a couple of nice boulder chairs too (you can see one to the right here).

Gillis Lake Campsite 3
View of the little bay from the kitchen. Notice the two good sitting rocks (or tables) in the foreground.

Gillis Lake Campsite 4
One of the open areas for setting up tents. This one seemed a bit "rooty".

Gillis Lake Campsite 5
This spot looked a bit better. Lots of nice soft pine needles.

Gillis Lake Campsite 6
This spot seems to be used a bit less...could be a bad sign.

Gillis Lake Campsite 7
This commode is back in the forest far enough to be private. Well worn trail to get there so you won't get lost if you have to go in the middle of the night.

Gillis Lake Campsite 8
It was a breezy day, but that little peninsula to your left really protects this campsite.

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