Campsite on Angleworm Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Angleworm Lake (#1894)

Campsite last visited on: September 18, 2015

A campsite with views down long stretch of the lake. A negative of this campsite is that it is on a very narrow section of the lake. Anyone paddling by will have to pass very close to the site. This campsite is near the Home Lake portage. The site isn't particularly large, but is airy and not in a beat up sort of condition. There is another campsite just to the south and directly across the lake from this one. Canoe landing is so-so. This campsite is for paddlers only and does not appear to have an easy connection to the Angleworm Lake Trail. Take a walk around.

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Angleworm Lake Campsite 1
This is the northern most campsite on Angleworm Lake, on the lakes western shore. From here, you are looking south down Angleworm Lake.

A walk about the north campsite on Angleworm Lake. This is on the west shore of the lake, not far south of the Home Lake portage.

Angleworm Lake Campsite 2
Checking out the "kitchen area" at the campsite. You are looking generally north from here.

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