Kawishiwi River: Portages between Square Lake and Kawasachong Lake
Length in Rods: 20 rods, 5 rods and maybe a beaver dam Date portage was last visited: May 25, 2015
Portage Rating: Easy  

The Portages between Square Lake and Kawasachong Lake (along Kawishiwi River)

Portaging Direction: From Square Lake to Kawasachong Lake

Here you are walking the portage from Square Lake, 20 rods back into the Kawishiwi River.

Kawishiwi River just downstream of Square Lake in BWCA
Looking downstream at the Kawishiwi River from the end of the 20 rod portage that leads back to Square Lake. The 5 rod (waterfall portage), is vagulely visible just to the right of your center of vision. If another group of paddlers was standing at that portage, it would be evident from this vantage point. The river actually is navigable to your left if you don't want to do the 20 rod portage. You will have to liftover a beaver dam and deal with some mild current if you elect to skip portaging.

A short paddle down the Kawishiwi River and then you lug your gear over a five rod portage. The small portage is around a little waterfall.

Small waterfall on Kawishiwi River in BWCA
From the downstream end of the 5 rod portage, you take in a nice view of the waterfall. If you look closely just above the left side of the waterfall, there were actually two bald eagles sitting side by side on the nearly horizontal dead tree that leans out over the waterfall.

Beaver dam on Kawishiwi River between Square Lake and Kawasachong Lake in BWCA
A short ways downstream from the cliffs, you come to a beaver dam that requires a liftover. There is a good canoe pull out area on the right as you are headed in the downstream direction toward Kawasachong Lake.

Now that you've made it over the portages, visit: KAWASACHONG LAKE

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