Entry Point 64 - East Bearskin Lake
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Entry Point: East Bearskin Lake #64 Last Visited: August 21, 2022
Maps: Fisher F-14; McKenzie #2 Daily Quota: 3
Fire History:
Nearest Ranger Station: Gunflint Ranger Station, Grand Marais, MN along Hwy. 61 on the North Shore
Portage Length from Parking Lot: None Restroom at Entry Point: Yes

Entry Point 64 - East Bearskin Lake

Gunflint Ranger District

From Grand Marais, Minnesota, follow the Gunflint Trail for about 27 miles to East Bearskin Road (Country Road 146). There is a big sign for Bearskin Lodge at the turnoff, so hard to miss it. Take a right and drive about 1 mile on the gravel road until you reach the signage for the East Bearskin Lake Campground. Take a right and follow the signs down to the boat landing on East Bearskin Lake.

The U.S. Forest Service offers the East Bearskin Lake Campground if you need a place to sleep the night before your travels. Also, Bearskin Lodge is located on East Bearskin Lake (you pass it on the way to the boat landing).

BWCA Entry Point 64 and BWCA Entry Point 66 - Crocodile Lake both share this boat landing/parking lot.

From East Bearskin Lake, there are portages to Alder Lake, Crocodile Lake and Moon Lake that lead into the BWCA. You can also portage to and from Flour Lake, which is a lake outside of the BWCA.

Motorboats are common on East Bearskin Lake. Along the north shore of the lake's western end are many private cabins. The south shore of the lake is totally undeveloped and much of it lies within the BWCA.

East Bearskin Lake offers several nice route options into some spectacular lakes that spread out mostly to the north and east of it.

From the entry point landing, paddle east to get into the BWCA. The eastern end of East Bearskin Lake is split into a north arm and a south arm. The north arm leads to the Moon Lake portage. The south arm takes you to the Alder Lake portage. You don't actually enter the Boundary Waters until you have nearly reached the eastern end of either of these two arms.

The portage to Crocodile Lake lies along the south shoreline near mid-lake if you have a permit for BWCA Entry Point 66.

Exploring the Entry Point

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East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 1a
The entry point is just west of the East Bearskin Lake Campground.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 1b
Directional sign.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 1c
Campground kiosk.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 1d
The road splits. Campground and entry point parking are separate.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 1
Generous sized parking lot. Accomodates BWCA groups and folks with motorboat trailers. Short walk to the lake. The restroom is between the parking lot and the lake. Parking for the U.S. Forest Service campground is at a different lot.

Tour of this entry point.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 2
Handy restroom. All the bigger entry points have a full-sized restroom. The entry points with low permit quotas tent to have pit latrines or no bathroom at all.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 3
View down the road from the parking lot to the lake.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 4
Unloading area down by the lake shore.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 5
The usual signage found at BWCA entry points.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 6
Note that this entry point hosts paddlers heading for BWCA Entry Point 64 or BWCA Entry Point 66. The box on the left holds the BWCA day permit forms if you are just day tripping.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 6a
Zooming in to the bulletin boards map display.

East Bearskin Lake Entry Point 7
A few bunches of big leafed aster grow around the parking lot.

Now that you've reached the shore of the lake, visit: EAST BEARSKIN LAKE

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