Campsite on Upper Pauness Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Upper Pauness Lake (#39)

Campsite last visited on: August 1, 2022

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Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 1
Fine canoe landing on a sandy beach. Can be a bit obscurred by late summer with the wild rice crop growing high.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 2
Sparse kitchen appointments. There is also almost no shade.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 3
Grassy and somewhat weedy tent pad. Probably just fine for a tent placement. This campsite gets limited use.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 4
This is the hard gravel tent pad. There is no protection from the sun.

Late in the summer, this campsite can be a bit hard to find because the wild rice fields that cover Upper Pauness Lake will hide it somewhat. The main drawback of this campsite is the lack of shade. Would be suitable if you just plan to stay the night, but hanging out all day here, unless you are a sun worshipper, would be hot.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 5
View of the massive wild rice growth in the south part of Upper Pauness Lake.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 6
The latrine is found along a brushy trail. This is the only place where you'll find much respite from the sun at this campsite.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 7
View toward the north end of Upper Pauness Lake.

Upper Pauness Lake Campsite 8
Looking down the shoreline to the northwest. BWCA Campsite is on that point where the rock face is exposed on the far left of your view. The short portage to Lower Pauness Lake is just around that point, that is visible just left of center.

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