Campsite on Tuscarora Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Tuscarora Lake (#520)

Campsite last visited on: June 14, 2020

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Tuscarora Lake Campsite 1
The landing for this campsite is in a shallow bay on a small beach of fine sand.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 2
Fire grate is right next to the shore. The area is fairly well protected from the wind. This view is toward the north/northwest.

Doesn't appear like a big campsite from out on the lake, but it is much larger than expected once you get out of the boat and explore it. Good canoe landing. Fire pit is close to the lake, but out of the wind. Nice rocks for sitting out on and viewing the lake. A few decent trees to hang food packs from. Lots of places for tents. A solid site overall.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 3
Areas in which to set up a tent. This campsite is large enough for even big groups.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 4
Another view of the kitchen area, this time looking off toward the northeast.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 6
And another tent pad area. Plenty of room. There are several good trees for hanging a food pack. Some branches are exposed enough that you might get the rope tossed over one on your first try!

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 7
View to the north/northeast. The little island out in front of this campsite is on the left side of your view.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 8
Here you are looking pretty much straight west. Most of the small island is visible. There is a rocky area to sit which overlooks the lake on this side of the campsite.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 9
Another view of the fire pit, as seen from the canoe landing.

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 10
This is the table rock near the fire pit with a bunch of stuff on it. The camps mascot takes center stage. Said her name was "Cheri".

Tuscarora Lake Campsite 11
This important place is easily reached back in the woods, via a flat and easily walkable trail. Good privacy.

Nighttime on Tuscarora Lake

Recorded June 13/14, 2020: The view is toward the west/northwest from the campsite behind the island on the south shore of Tuscarora Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northeastern Minnesota. The far shoreline from this vantage point is almost one mile away. During the evening, about a half hour after sunset, you see insects and the occasional bird passing through the scene. There is some insect buzz, the soft sound of waves lapping and an occasional bird singing during this time. As darkness approaches, these sounds become less and less. The darkest period of the night is rather quiet and it will get so dark that you cannot see anything at all. The total darkness extends from about 11 PM to about 4 AM this time of year, as it is only a week shy of the first official day of summer. That day is around June 21 and is called the Summer Solstice. It is the day with the longest daylight period of the year and when the Sun shines directly down on the Tropic of Cancer. As the sky begins to brighten, the birds start to sing. At first their song is intermittent, but it picks up intensity as the Sun rises. By around 5 AM in the morning, the birds are in full chorus. Sometimes a red pine squirrel can be heard (the drawn out wrrruhh-ing sound). Loons call frequently after the Sun has risen.

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