Campsite on Range Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Range Lake (#1126)

Campsite last visited on: September 8, 2019

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Range Lake Campsite 1
The actual campsite is somewhat difficult to discern from out on the lake. The campsite is on the right of your view, behind that small point visible just right of center.

Range Lake Campsite 2
The spot to land your canoe is a little rocky but easy enough. Space to land one canoe at a time, but plenty of room to beach a fleet.

Range Lake Campsite 3
The firepit is shady and a little back in the woods. You can tell this campsite only receives modest usage as it is slightly overgrown. Might be some bug issues at this campsite. You don't have any other choices on this lake though.

A brief tour of the only campsite on Range Lake.

Range Lake Campsite 4
One of the small spots in which you can pitch your tent.

Range Lake Campsite 5
This location provides a large area for putting up your tent, but it seemed kind of lumpy. You'll want a good air mattress...

Range Lake Campsite 6
A pair of trumpeter swans was nearby. The area of the lake to the west of the campsite is all marsh.

Range Lake Campsite 7
Not a big campsite by any means. You will have privacy though.

Range Lake Campsite 8
View of Range Lake from the canoe landing spot at the campsite. You can walk out on that small point, but it is rocky and kind of overgrown. This campsite is shady, may be buggy and has a descent canoe landing. Plenty of trees in which to hang a food pack. The site is not that big, so appropriate for smaller groups.

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