Campsite on Lower Pauness Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Lower Pauness Lake (#39)

Campsite last visited on: August 1, 2022

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Lower Pauness Lake Campsite 1
Not a particularly good landing. Water is kind of deep and the shore is stacked with large boulders.

Lower Pauness Lake Campsite 2
Fire pit has nice views of the lake. This site is not heavily used as evidenced by the tall grass and weeds.

Lower Pauness Lake Campsite 3
Another view of the fire pit from back of campsite.

Most will probably agree that this campsite is the ugly duckling of Lower Pauness Lake. The site is somewhat overgrown from lack of use. The landing and shoreline access are rather poor. There is one very good tent pad, the other one (or maybe two) tent pads aren't very inviting. From this campsite, you can easily see (and be seen) from both the Devil's Cascade portage landing and from BWCA Campsite 43.

Lower Pauness Lake Campsite 5
OK place for a tent, but some scattered rocks that you'll have to strategically avoid.

Lower Pauness Lake Campsite 6
By the look of this latrine, it has seen many bottoms...

Lower Pauness Lake Campsite 7
This view is looking to the southeast. Toward the left you can make out BWCA Campsite 43, which is on the lakes major point. A tent is visible there.

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