Campsite on Lake Three and surrounding area

Campsite on Lake Three (#1511)

Campsite last visited on: August 7, 2021

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Lake Three Campsite 1
Depending on your preference, you can choose to land on the sandy beach or the flat table rock.

Lake Three Campsite 2
This is a large campsite and thus has extensive seating to accommodate a big group of happy campers.

Lake Three Campsite 3
View of the kitchen from a different angle.

Expansive campsite suitable for large group of paddlers. There is a beach (assuming water is low enough) reachable by a short trail along the shoreline through the woods. Good landing. Massive seating area around the fire grate.

Lake Three Campsite 4
This bedroom suite is nestled amongst the cedar trees.

Lake Three Campsite 5
Humongous tent pad.

Lake Three Campsite 6
Back near the forest edge is where you'll find this one.

Lake Three Campsite 7
Another tent pad fairly close to the lake.

Lake Three Campsite 8
Yet another...

Lake Three Campsite 9
This campsite is probably busy most of the summer. The latrine seemed up to the task.

Lake Three Campsite 10
View toward the fire pit from back of the campsite.

Lake Three Campsite 11
Maybe a hundred feet down a trail through the woods you'll find this little beach. This view was during low water levels. If the water is high, there probably won't be much beach left.

Lake Three Campsite 12
Here you gaze lies due east.

Lake Three Campsite 13
Northeast view. Two campsites are faintly visible on the far shore. To the left of center, by those rocks out in the lake, is BWCA Campsite 1488. Just about dead center of this field of view is BWCA Campsite 1489.

Lake Three Campsite 14
The channel to Lake Two lies in the middle of this view. To the far right is the location of BWCA Campsite 1488.

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