Campsite on Lake One and surrounding area

Campsite on Lake One (#1678)

The campsite is located on the west end of the large island. This is a really large and desirable campsite.

Campsite last visited on: June 14, 2021

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Lake One Campsite 1
The canoe landing at this campsite is a sand beach. View to the southwest. The south shoreline of Lake One was burned by the 2011 Pagami Creek fire.

Very large campsite. One of the better sites on Lake One.

Lake One Campsite 2
Seating logs are in good repair.

Lake One Campsite 3
Somewhat obstructed views of the lake from the fire pit. Easy to fetch water from here because access is a beach.

Lake One Campsite 4
There are at least five respectable tent pads at this campsite.

Lake One Campsite 5
Large tent pad.

Lake One Campsite 6
Tent pad.

Lake One Campsite 7
Here's another one.

Lake One Campsite 8
Many good lake viewing areas from this campsite in multiple directions.

Lake One Campsite 11
View to the north/northwest.

Lake One Campsite 11
Blue flag iris (Source: Wildflowers of the Boundary Waters by Betty Vos Hemstad, p. 85). Common along the Lake One shoreline in late May and June.

Lake One Campsite 9
The place of business.

Lake One Campsite 10
Southwest view.

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