Campsite on Lake One and surrounding area

Campsite on Lake One (#1674)

The campsite is located behind the large island. It is the northern most of the three campsites lined up along the east shoreline of Lake One.

Campsite last visited on: April 29, 2021

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Lake One Campsite 1
View to the southeast. The east end of the large island that is near this campsite is visible in the distance on the right.

Campsite walkaround. Note that it is possible to paddle between the island and the shore through a very narrow channel. There are places to land a canoe on either side of the campsite to avoid having to pass through the little gap between the island and the mainland.

Lake One Campsite 9
This view of the fire pit is toward the west. The island which is behind the pine trees is nearly connected to the land, but you can squeeze a canoe through the channel. On the right is the small bay to the west of the campsite. On the left if the bay to the south of the campsite. The island creates a nice windbreak for this campsite.

Lake One Campsite 3
Looking downhill at the kitchen. Looking to the southeast again.

Lake One Campsite 4
A notable "obelisk" at this site.

Lake One Campsite 5
Fire pit partially visible to left. Odd rock formation in the background.

Lake One Campsite 6
No shortage of tent pads at this campsite.

Lake One Campsite 8
This is the perfect tent pad for those who like to sleep at the bottom of a slope.

Lake One Campsite 7
The "lakeview" tent accommodation.

Lake One Campsite 8
The Hopper.

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