Campsite on Lake One and surrounding area

Campsite on Lake One (#1673)

Many BWCA maps of this area show this campsite located on a large island. The campsite is actually in the middle of the point just north of that island.. The exact GPS location of this campsite is: 47.923518, -91.486647

Campsite last visited on: April 29, 2021

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Lake One Campsite 1
This campsite doesn't have a canoe landing, it has a harbor. This view is toward the southwest. The most distant visible shoreline just left of center is about one mile away and is the location of the mouth of Pagami Creek.

Explore the campsite.

Lake One Campsite 2
The log seating is getting a bit long in the tooth. Will be a breezy place to sit if the wind is strong out of the southwest.

Lake One Campsite 3
The tent pad right next to the harbor.

Lake One Campsite 4
Lots of space to pitch a tent near the fire pit.

Lake One Campsite 5
At the base of a large white pine is this tent pad.

Lake One Campsite 6
This big fellow watches over this campsite.

Lake One Campsite 7
View to the south. That is an island across the way.

Lake One Campsite 8
Just to the west of the fire pit area is this tent pad.

Lake One Campsite 9
The kitchen. Looking eastward in this view.

Lake One Campsite 10
It almost seems like the trees grew in a direction that would allow them to provide shade to this producer of fertile soil.

Lake One Campsite 11
Looking down on the harbor.

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