Campsite on Juno Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Juno Lake (#958)

Campsite last visited on: August 12, 2023

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The landing at this campsite is a tad troublesome because it is on a rather steep rock slope that descends into deep water. There seem to be four tent pads, none that enticing. There is limited shade about the fire grate. The lack of trees in this area is a result of a relatively recent forest fire (1996).

Juno Lake Campsite 1
Rather steep landing along this rock face. Water is about knee deep if you stand close to shore, but the depth increases quickly here.

Juno Lake Campsite 2
The fire grate is rather exposed. There was a fire in this area in 1996 and the area is still recovering. Thus, there aren't a lot of large trees to provide shade or hang food bags.

Juno Lake Campsite 3
Another shot of the kitchen setup.

Juno Lake Campsite 4
Tent pads look heavily worn, but this is really because the soil hasn't recovered from the recent fire.

Juno Lake Campsite 5
Another tent pad. The start of the latrine trail is visible in the background.

Juno Lake Campsite 5a
Another tent pad with plenty of stones to press into your back. Have a good sleeping pad.

Juno Lake Campsite 6
Seems like the best tent pad at this campsite. Grass provides some cushion. It's close to the water.

Juno Lake Campsite 7
View to the west of Juno Lake from this campsite.

Juno Lake Campsite 8
This is looking east.

Juno Lake Campsite 9
The lid has popped off this throne.

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